How to Reduce the PST File Size in Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2013?

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    August 27th, 2019
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Summary:- PST Files are online files of MS Outlook that stores emails, contacts, calendars, and other items into the Outlook profile. But when PST file exceeds their storage limit and becomes oversized then the risk of corruption increases. Therefore here are some techniques that will help you to reduce the PST file size in MS Outlook. You can also avoid corruption issues and maintain a healthy PST file.

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Storing too many unnecessary emails in the Outlook mailbox makes it overcrowded and thus it affects the whole Outlook profile. Therefore with the help of simple measures, you can easily remove the unwanted items from the PST file and create some space in the large PST file.

Due to Oversized PST files users feel difficulty in sending and receiving emails which are a hindrance to work for regular Outlook users.

Methods to Reduce the PST File Size

  • Delete Large Emails and all their Attachments.
  • Use Inbuilt Cleanup Tool.
  • Compress PST File Manually.
  • Compress PST File via Third-Party utility.
  • Split Oversized PST File.
  • Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook Profiles.

1) Delete Emails and their Attachments

The most appropriate method to remove emails and create some space in the PST file is to delete emails one by one from the mailbox. I know it is a quite hectic and tiring task but this method will help you to reduce the Outlook mailbox size. But don’t worry because I’ll share some techniques to reduce the size of Outlook PST files.

  • Open MS Outlook and then Click on Search Folder.
  • New Search Folder box will open and under Organizing Mail click on Large Emails.
  • Define the Mail Size and according to which your Outlook will Create a new folder.
  • Check the unnecessary emails and then delete all of them at once.

2) Use Inbuilt Cleanup Tool

  • Launch MS Outlook and go to the File tab.
  • In the Info, option-click on Clean Up Tools.

You will see three options

  • Mailbox Cleanup
  • Empty Deleted Items Folder
  • Archive

Now, you can delete the whole folder and reduce the size of the PST file.

3) Compress PST File via Outlook and Reduce the PST File Size

  • Open MS Outlook and in the File Tab click on Account Settings.
  • In the Data Files Tab select the PST file you want to compact and then Click on Settings.
  • Click on Compact Now Button in the Outlook Data File Dialogue Box.

Finally, all your PST Data will be compressed and this file reduces the PST file Size in MS Outlook itself.

4) Compress and Compact PST File

You can also Compact PST file using a third-party utility. The Sysinfo PST Compress and Compact Tool will help you to compress large sized PST file. There is no file size limitation of compressing a large PST file. You can also compress PST file of any size without losing a single data. In the Outlook inbuilt utility, the compression of very large PST file is quite difficult but in the third party tool, it is simple and easy. So the choice is totally yours.

5) Split Oversized PST File

You can also split an oversized PST file into manageable small PST files using the PST Split Tool. This software will help you to break PST files into small size PST file which will also help you to manage them and delete the unwanted PST files from the mailbox. This helps in creating the space in Outlook Mailbox.

6) Remove Duplicate Emails from PST Files

Another way out to reduce the PST file size is to remove the duplicate copy of emails from the mailbox. Removing duplicate emails one by one from the PST file will be hectic and time taking, therefore, you can try Outlook Duplicate Remover Software which can remove duplicate emails at once from the PST file. Thus it will help you to decrease the size of the PST file.


Well, that’s all from my side. I have given you ample of solutions that can help you to reduce the size of the PST file and also helped you to overcome the Outlook profile corruption issues. I hope now you can easily create some space in the PST file and keep your Outlook profile corruption-free. You have a manual and as well as a third-party tool to fix the Oversized PST file issues.

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