How to Check if a Zip File is Corrupted? Learn More About ZIP Corruptions Errors

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    March 29th, 2014
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Summary:-Managing too many files is becoming tedious to the users, so they have started zipping files to reduce their size. On the other hand, sending a single zip file is better than sending too many files separately. It reduces the file size and increases the sending speed. But how will you check if a Zip file is corrupted or healthy? Here, in this blog, we will describe possible ways using which you can easily check if a Zip File is Corrupted or damaged. Although, if your zip file is corrupted or inaccessible, then you can try the SysInfo ZIP Repair Tool, which can repair corrupt & inaccessible ZIP Files generated by using WinRAR, WinZip, or any other utility.

What is a ZIP file used for?

Zip files take up less storage space, and one can easily transfer them to other computers more quickly than uncompressed files. These days the user sends the Zip file to another user, but when they try to open the received Zip file, they face an error. Therefore it is important to know whether a zip file on your computer is healthy or has some problem.

Best Methods to Determine the Zip File is Corrupted

Here, we will share some errors with you related to the ZIP file, and if you are facing any error while accessing a zip file, then your file is corrupted.

Method 1: “File Path: Either multipart or corrupt ZIP archive.”

This error mainly occurs when the path the user has defined for the ZIP file is invalid, and the system cannot locate the content of the ZIP file. It mainly occurs when some information from the saved path of the ZIP file goes missing.

Method 2: “The Compressed Folder is invalid….” 

The reason for this error is that the ZIP file’s whole folder is corrupt, restricting the user from accessing the zip file.

Method 3: “CRC failed” error. 

CRC error is the Cyclic Redundancy Check error which occurs due to some problem in unzipping a Zip file.

Method 4: “The file or directory is corrupt and non-readable.”

The partition information is usually stored in a specific location. So if there are some problems in the location, this leads to this error.

Method 5: “Expected Zip file header not found.”

This error usually occurs due to a minor mistake caused by the application in creating the ZIP file.

Method 6: “Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive.”

Sometimes due to problems in communication, this error occurs. It may occur due to connectivity issue or communication problems.

Method 7: “Invalid data into a Zip file.”

It often happens that a user compresses a corrupt folder into a ZIP file, leading to this error.

How to Uncorrupt a Zip file?

Once a ZIP file gets corrupted, it becomes inaccessible or unable to be extracted. Users cannot extract data from a corrupted ZIP archive. If you try to open the corrupted ZIP file, you will find yourself unable to do that. Instead, you will receive one of the above-discussed error messages that determine corruption issues in the zip/archive file. Try Sysinfo Zip Recovery Software to the uncorrupt ZIP data file and access all your data saved within the compressed folder. Although, learn how to Compress & Uncompress a Zip file

It is confirmed that your Zip file is severely corrupted whenever you face this error Unable to archive “corrupt .zip” into “Downloads. You must try a ZIP Recovery tool to extract the files from it. Any of the errors confirms that your ZIP file has got corrupt, which restricts you from extracting the items from the zip file. It helps you to determine whether a Zip file is corrupt or not.


In this article, we have discussed a number of errors that can be used to determine if a zip file is corrupted or safe to run. Moreover, when encountering an error while accessing the ZIP file, you can be sure that the ZIP file is corrupted. So I suggest you never make too many attempts to access the damaged ZIP file because you might lose all your crucial data; instead, repairing it with ZIP Recovery Software is the best option.

Additionally, ZIP Recovery Software is the most effective way to repair damaged ZIP files so that you won’t lose any vital data.

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