Gmail Space is Running Out – How To Free Up Space In Gmail Account

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    April 7th, 2020
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    November 26, 2022
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Summary:-How many unread Gmail messages do you have right now? One? Or One Thousand? Well, all those email messages are occupying the space of your webmail account. Some of the mail which are unread, old, and archived are occupying unwanted space and due to this, you’ll get the Gmail running Out of Space messages. Therefore, you can explore the reliable solution to this issue and free up some space on your google account.

Google provides 15 GB of digital storage to its users, which includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, and other google apps. 15 GB is much space, but if we once started using all these Google services, then space fills up early, and then you probably thinking to free up some space in your Gmail account because Gmail Space might Run Out. 

Tips and Tricks to Resolve the Gmail Space is Running Out Issue

You can try the following techniques to resolve the Gmail Space issue. The following methods will help you to free some space on Gmail.

Tip No. 1: Analysing & Free Up Some Space

To manage your account and free up some space, you need to analyze your Gmail account. Also, to know how much storage is used for the required data and how much is for unwanted data. Overall, you need to analyze the storage distribution, which was distributed among Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. You can create some space on your Google Drive by migrating data to other drives using the Google Drive Migrator Tool.

Gmail running out of space

The solution to Resolve Gmail is Running Out of Space:

  1. Delete Unnecessary Items like Mails, Files, and Other Attachments
  2. Try to make a new Gmail account and then try to migrate some emails to another account.

Tip No. 2. Delete Unwanted Mails when Gmail is Out of Space

One of the free and fast methods to free up some Gmail space is to delete those emails that are not in use. The maximum space of your Gmail account is occupied due to social media mails and other spammy emails. And you can’t deny the fact that you can’t use the Gmail application on your mobile phone this means that Google photos have auto-synced all your photos to free up space. So, delete all those photos and videos that are not important this will delete your good amount of space and your Gmail Space will not run out.

To delete the items from your google drive, filter the data according to you. If you want to delete larger and older files then you can simply type Larger:5m,” “Older_than:1y on the search box section, and finally remove that files. Once you follow this method then you can find that your Gmail space is free up and now you are able to send and receive emails again.

Tip No. 3. Forward Mails to Another Gmail Account

The above method is helpful in case when you have some unimportant emails and other google data but what if you have all important data? In that case, you can do it, try to make another Gmail account and move your data to that new Gmail Account as this will help you to free up some space in your Gmail account.

Follow the Steps When Gmail is Running Out of Space

  1. Sign-up with a new Gmail account.
  2. Then move to your old Gmail account.
  3. Go to Setting options there.
  4. After that, press on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab present in the upper section.
  5. Click on the delete Gmail copy from the drop-down menu available.
Gmail running out of space

6. Now, move to your new account.

7. Hit on the Accounts and Import tab.

Gmail running out of space

8. Click on the Import Mail and Contacts option available.

9. Then, a pop-up will appear to you here enter the email id of that account from which you want to free up some space.

10. Press the continue button.

11. The process starts as soon as you Allow for all the permissions.

12. Click on the Start import button.

An Alternate Method to Migrate your Gmail Emails

You can try the above method to transfer your Gmail emails but if you find those steps lengthy and time-consuming then you can use the third-party Gmail Backup tool which helps you to transfer your Gmail email with a few simple clicks. Some other benefits of using third-party tools are:

  1. One can easily take a backup of Gmail emails with attachments like contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, to-do, etc.
  2. Capable of transferring data from Google drive, docs, etc.
  3. Have a feature to save mail data in PST, MSG, EML, TXT, and many other formats.

Last Words

If you want to know how to Sync Gmail with Microsoft Outlook then you can know here.

In this technical guide, you’ll get to know about Gmail Storage services and the ways by which one can fix the Gmail is Running Out of Space problem with the help of two different ways i.e, the help of manual ways as well as professional ways. As both methods are given to you but apart from this, it is always recommended to use the professional Gmail backup tool.

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