Best Way to Fix SQL Error 50000- SQL Server Native Client Error

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    April 7th, 2022
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    April 22, 2022
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Summary:- A lot of people worldwide use SQL Database for storing some of their important information. On the other hand, many organizations are using SQL for storing their employee’s data and maintaining their attendance sheet. Whatever may be the purpose of using SQL, a small error can damage the flow and causes a hindrance to work. We have come across to fix SQL Error 50000 that has been faced by many SQL users. This error is known as the SQL Server Native Client error and it is faced when an individual installs SQL Server Management Studio. The exact error a person receives is “A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file”. Here, we will see the best method to fix Error 50000 in the SQL server.

When this Error Occurs

You must go through the various instances when error 50000 occurs on your SQL server and how you can resolve it later. The instances are:-

  • When you install SQL Server Native Client.
  • When any update goes on you might face the SQL Error 50000.
  • Sometimes the components in software try to use SQL Server Native Client.
  • When you are trying to change the name of sqlncli.msi then you will face an error as SQL 50000.

Resolve Error 50000 of the SQL Server

You can try the following manual techniques to resolve this SQL error on your PC. If these methods won’t work then you will have to make use of an automated SQL Database Repair tool that will repair the file of the SQL database.

Manual Method to Fix SQL Error 50000

  • Uninstall the SQL Server Native Client through the Add/Remove program.
  • Then again install the SQL Server or its component.
  • You can also reboot the machine after uninstalling the native client tool.
  • You must use the SQL Server and SQL Server Native Client to avoid this error.

If the above techniques don’t resolve your SQL error then there might be some problem with your SQL BAK file. You must have to repair that file in order to resolve the SQL error 50000. The only possible way to repair the BAK file is to try an automated tool. You can see the process to fix the BAK file issue and ultimately resolve this error.

Professional Tool to Fix Error 50000 in SQL Server

You can use the Sysinfo SQL Backup Recovery Tool to fix the Bak file problem and as a result, your error will be fixed. Let’s see the process to repair the SQL bak File.

  • Download and Install SQL Recovery Tool on your PC or Laptop.
  • Launch the tool and add the SQL Bak file to the software.
  • Choose the Advance Scanning mode and then the destination where you want to save the recovered BAK file.
  • Finally, click on the Extract File button and all your data will be saved in the resultant BAK file.

After resolving the BAK file issue you will fix SQL error 50000. Sometimes due to the problem in the BAK file many people dace this error. First, try the manual ways to resolve this issue and if this doesn’t work then you can use the automated tool.


Now, you know various methods to fix SQL Error 50000. The manual methods will resolve your problem but if in case they don’t work then the only option left is to repair the SQL BAK file. We have told you the technique to repair SQL Bak files. After repairing the BAK files we hope you will not face Error 50000 again. You can get in touch with our technical team if you still face this type of error on your SQL database.

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