Fix Outlook Spell And Grammar Check Not Working Issue

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    July 29th, 2019
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    February 24, 2021
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If you are an MS Outlook user then, you might feel the need to check spellings and grammar for the email message you have typed before sending to your clients. It means spelling & grammar checker is not working as you expect it to work.

In this blog, we will describe how to fix Outlook spell and grammar check not working issue. Follow to the end. Let us start by discussing the methods to resolve this Outlook problem.

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Methods to Resolve Spell/Grammer Check Not Working In Outlook

  • Check spellings In Outlook Email messages
  • Enable File Options
  • Enable Prof reading From Language option

Method 1: Check Spellings and Grammar in email messages

User can easily check for spellings and grammar manually, and this technique works successfully even if Word is not installed. User can check for spellings with F7 shortcut key on your keyboard or you can click Review tab from the menu bar and click on Spelling & Grammar.

Method 2: Enabling File Option for Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010

File >> Options >> Mail >> under ‘Compose Message‘, select Always check spelling before sending >> click ‘OK

Method 3: Enable Proof Reading at Template Level Using Language Options.

User can also enable and disable spellings and grammar checking at template level for every email message you send. To do so follow the steps mentioned:

For MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010:

Click on New Email >> click Review >> Language >> Set Proofing Language >> uncheck Do not check spelling or grammar >> click ‘Set As Default‘and press ‘OK‘ button to finalize the settings.

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For MS Outlook 2007:

Click on New >> Select Mail Message >> in tab Home >> in Proofing group >> click Spelling >> Set Language >> uncheck Do not check spelling or grammar >> click ‘Default‘ button.

Using the above steps, Users are able to enable and disable spellings and grammar check for different languages as required and apply the changes at the template level.

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If In Office 365 (Outlook 2016 for Windows) – Outlook Spell Check Not Working

  • Start Outlook.
  • Click File > Options > Mail.
  • Under the ‘Compose messages‘, check the ‘Always check spelling before sending‘.
  • Next, click ‘Spelling and Autocorrect…‘ button.
  • Under ‘When correcting spelling in Outlook‘ section, make sure ‘Check spelling as you type‘ box is checked. Click ‘OK‘ twice to save your changes.


We described best methods to fix Outlook spell and grammar check not working issue. So, that user can work smoothly while sending crucial data and avoid blunders due to misspelled words or grammatical issues in their written messages.

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