How to Copy Files and Folders from One Computer to Another Computer?

If you want to copy files and folders from one computer to another computer then this technical guide will help you in doing so.
It happens that when you buy a new computer, you want to transfer most of your existing files to the new computer. Whether you want to take all of the data or only the essentials. There are quick and simple ways to transfer files from PC to PC.
Most of the techniques involve copying of files over your local network or the Internet. You can also make use of removable media such as USB data sticks for quick local data transfers.

Methods to Copy Files and Folders

Here, I will be discussing some of the methods to copy files and folder from one computer to another.

1. Copy files by using Windows

To copy files and folders from one computer to another computer, you can use Windows. It helps you copy folders between many computers which are connected to the same network. But make sure the computers you use to copy the files and folders are connected to the same network, otherwise, you cannot follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, open the computer in which the files and folders are available which you want to copy to another computer.
  2. Click on the Windows Start button.
  3. In the Search box, type two backslashes (\) followed by the name of the computer or its IP address.
    For e.g. \johnDESKTOP or \ Press the Enter button.
  4. Now you can access the other computer where you want to copy the files and folders. Open the drive and folder where you want to copy the files and folders.
  5. Open the location on this computer where your files and folders are saved which you want to copy to the other computer.
  6. Drag all the files and folders which you want to copy to this computer.

2. Use an External Storage Media

This is one of the best ways to transfer files. You need to just stick a USB flash drive in one computer, copy the data. Stick the same drive in another computer, paste the data. You can also use an external hard drive if you have more data than can fit on a flash drive.

3. Transfer Over LAN or Wifi

There are two main ways to share files and folders when computers are closer by. First one is to set up a local area network (LAN) so that you can use one PC to browse the other’s hard drives. The second one is to use software to transfer files over Wi-Fi.
The major operating systems have a built-in option to set up a home network. This will allow devices on the same router (connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi) to recognize each other permanently. So whenever you need to transfer files between computers, you don’t need to set up a new connection each time. It is always on, as long as both computers are turned on.

4. Use a Transfer Cable

To copy data files from one computer to another, there are some basic cables you can rely on. It is faster than using drives since the copy and paste are happening simultaneously from computer to computer. When you are using an external drive, you are basically transferring between three drives; cables reduce that to two drives.

What to do if certain errors occurred while copying files?

Sometimes it happens that while copying files users may face some errors and copied files become corrupted. Do not worry at all, as I have got the solutions for this situation as well. In such a case, you should make use of an automated tool like SysInfo Windows Data Recovery. This is one of the most efficient tools to fix all Windows data corruption.

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Bottom Lines

The blog is describing the ways to copy files and folders from one computer to another. Above, I have provided the best techniques to transfer files on which you can rely upon. Hope it helps.