What Are The Most Common Problems With Office 365 Backup?

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    November 14th, 2019
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    February 20, 2021
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Nowadays, Data loss is a major concern for the users of Office 365 because the backup policies of Microsoft cannot guarantee complete and rapid recovery of lost data. Therefore, this blog is based upon the major concerns about Backup of Office 365 that helps the users to know about the problems that can be faced during backup.

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common issues with MS Office 365

Let us begin to know the most occurring causes of Office 365 backup.

Top-most Problems responsible for the Backup of Office 365-:

  1. Accidental deletion: When accidentally a person deletes a file or directory. In SharePoint, Groups or Teams, users can easily delete information and conversations— or erase existing data versions. The deletion of information is not the end of the world if it is instantly found. From the Recycle Bin, you can recover the deleted data. Deleted files, however, are saved in the Recycle Bin temporarily.
  2. Malicious deletion: In some cases, data removal is not accidental. Before leaving the company, some employees may deliberately delete their own files or files in shared folders. Or an attacker could use a stolen laptop with a poor password to gain access to Office 365 files and folders.
  3. Retention Policy: In the modern age, the rapid pace of business lends itself to constantly changing strategies, including retention policies that are hard to keep up with. Office365 has restricted backup and recovery policies that can only fend off data loss in situations and is not intended to be a comprehensive backup solution.
  4. Security Threats: Access to files with important data changes so quickly, keeping an eye on the ones you’ve most trusted can be difficult. There is no way for Microsoft to know the difference between a regular user and a fired employee trying to delete critical company data before they leave. Additionally, downloading infected files or accidental leakage of usernames and passwords to sites can create a serious threat.
  5. External Threats: External threats can simply walk in through emails and attachments, any user can be trapped into these mails as they are so believable.
  6. Compliance Requirement: Sometimes you have to recover emails, files or other types of data in an unusual way in the course of legal action. Microsoft has developed a few protection networks (Litigation Hold), but again, these are not a reliable backup system that can keep the business out of legal trouble.

Major Shortcomings of Office 365 Backup:-

The other big shortcoming in Office 365 backup services is that the various Office 365 products are offered different degrees of security. To the best of my knowledge, there are limitations in each of the provided backup option.

To successfully create a backup of Office 365 directly, you can use Office 365 Backup and Restore utility. It used to backup all email items instantly.

Final Thoughts-:

We have discussed all the main causes of Office 365 Backup. You have found the common problems and reasons with office 365 backup. As each MS affiliated utility got some limitations for Office 365 backup, so you can use the Office 365 Backup Tool to backup all your email items immediately.

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