Backup Software NT-Backup Utility Tips

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Windows NT-Backup toolNT-Backup is a backup software utility program that comes with XP for storing backup copies of your crucial data. It is one of the competitive utilities which are meant for backup purpose. NT-Backup should be run on routine basis in order to make sure you have a latest backup available on your local machine. However this tool doesn’t come as a pre-installed feature. You may need to install it by following the steps given below:

Installation of Backup Software NT-Backup Utility for XP Home Users

  • Insert XP CD in CD-ROM.
  • Open My computer.
  • Right click on the XP CD icon or on the drive that shows your XP CD and click on Explore.
  • Now, double click on the VALUEADD folder.
  • Click on MSFT and NTBACKUP thereafter.
  • In the NTBACKUP folder, double click on NTBACKUP.msi file for initiating installation and you are done. This will install the program in few minutes.

How to Create a Backup Using Backup Software NT-Backup

  • Launch NT-Backup program by clicking on Start in the task bar.
  • Choose Programs then go to Accessories for locating the Backup options available under Tools tab.
  • Or You may also launch the application using short keys in following manner:

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  • Press Windows + R.
  • Type NTbackup and hit Enter.
  • Click on Next. However, it is advised to choose wizard mode for avoiding complications.

A Window may appear asking you about what you may want to back up. Choose the appropriate option and click on Next.

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Click on Finish and the latest backup will be created for easy restoration. The widow will contain information about what has been backed up by the application.

There are many backup software available in the market. NT-Backup Utility is by far one of the best utilities in its frame. Backup files created by NT-Backup utility are usually saved in BKF format. However, there can be situations when these files may get infected and inaccessible. BKF recovery tool in such cases can be a real life saver for an affected computer user. Check it now how it performs recovery on your infected BKF files to uncover already backed up data by the NT-Backup utility.

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