Effective Method to Backup G Suite Emails Data

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    July 13th, 2022
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Summary:- If you’ve chosen G Suite for your business, you have made the wisest decision of your life. G Suite is a collaboration of Google services under a single suite. You can access any of the tools as per your need and use them without any burden. But one thing everyone should do before using any tool is to keep its backup. Because when you have a backup, you have an alternative to secure your data. Here Google lags, as it has already mentioned in its terms and conditions that in any case of data loss Google is not responsible. In this case, you should act wisely and keep backup G Suite emails. In this write-up, we will learn about the different methods that help to take G suite email backup and how to make the task easier of downloading G Suite emails by using the Google Workspace Backup Tool. Let’s start the process.

How to Backup Emails from G Suite

There are several options for backing up one’s Google cloud data. However, some of them are suggested by professionals. like Google Data Export Tool for Admin, Takeout service, etc. To carry out the processes of these methods, you will need to have technical experience. Let’s described these methods one by one

1. Google Data Export Tool for Admin

Every paid user of Google apps for a business licence comes with a feature called Data Export. Before using this tool, you need to fulfill some conditions.


  • Must have a super admin account.
  • A domain must be 30-days old.
  • 2-step verification must be enabled.
  • G-Suite users should not be more than 1000.

Follow the Steps Given below to Backup All Emails from G Suite

  1. Log in to your G Suite account and enter the required credentials, make sure to enter the super administrator credentials.
  2. Open Admin Console, then click < button.
  3. Select Tools > Data Export.
  4. In the following wizard, select the Start Export button to start backup G Suite.
  5. This process may take a while around 9 days in the backup process.
  6. Once the process is complete, you receive a confirmation link to export your data.
  7. In the confirmation link, click on the Access Archive button to preview backup data.
  8. Finally, click on the folder one by one to download the data to the local system.

2. Google TakeOut

Google TakeOut is a free tool that would be provided by Google and is to export Google data for backup. It supports numerous data types, including your YouTube activity, contacts, Google Drive, browser, bookmarks, mail, etc. If you summarise it, then Google Takeout is retrieving and downloading all the information that you have entered in Google. This tool is compatible with exporting photos and migrating them into Local Drive or PC.

Why Prefer Google TakeOut to G Suite Email Backup

  • Make a collection of your Google account and Backup G Suite Emails.
  • Reseed your Contacts, Google Drive, Google Browser, calendar, contacts, and everything that you use with the help of Google.
  • Clear space on your Google Drive by archiving old documents to the hard drive or PC.
  • Create archives for important files to store data on cloud services.
  • Keep a safe account of your log activity.

3. Export G Suite Email to PST

As we all know, Office 365 is the only choice for any professional due to its top-notch features, and its reliability attracts the technicals. None of the professionals thought of any other tool besides Office 365 because it is secured with a password that protects your data from unauthorized access.

Why Prefer Office 365 to G Suite Email Backup

There are numerous features of Office 365 that make a distinct choice to Backup G Suite Emails. Like:

  • Easy to move email or attachments from your server account to the hard drive.
  • It prevents data loss.
  • PST files residing the amount of data residing in the email server.
  • End-users gain extra space to store their emails.
  • Users may be able to access their data offline also.

These are a few common but effective tools that can help you back up G Suite emails. Some can be used directly by installing, while some need some settings to manage backup.

An Alternate Solution to Backup G Suite Emails

SysInfo Google Suite Backup Tool is one of the best tools in the market that helps you to back up G Suite Emails without any hassle. It also backup email G Suite into EML, EMLX, MSG, PDF, PST, MBOX, and HTML file formats. Moreover, this tool also permits users to backup or download Google account Email, Contact, Calendar, and Drive data. Moreover, a advanced feature is also available to Migrate from Gmail to Office 365.

Why Choose Us?

This tool is easy to use and gives you several features other than your G Suite Emails Conversion like:

  • Provides Date Filter feature with this you can schedule the backup frequency to take backup.
  • Skip Duplicate emails so that confusion not be created at the time of Output.
  • Offers Google Drive, Contact, Calendar, and Gmail options to take backup.

Steps to Take G Suite EmaIl Backup

This tool is very easy to Backup G Suite Emails Data. You only need to perform the simple steps.

  1. Start the Software and run it as an administrator.
  2. Enter the required credentials as User Name, Service Account ID, and Browse p12 file, then click sign in with Google.
  3. In the next icon, select the account that you need to backup.
  4. Select the G Suite option as per your need. Note:- you can take a backup of Mail in any given format, but Calendar, Contacts, and Drive can be saved to the computer only.
  5. Now choose the format from the list like PST or others.
  6. Next, skip duplicate mails if you want to download only identical emails.
  7. After that, assign a name for your Output folder.
  8. Select Destination Path for the resultant folder.
  9. Click on the Download button and check your selected location for your final folder.

By following the above steps successfully we are able to use the tool efficiently and with its effective approach. It is the best tool for Backing up G Suite Emails in multiple given file formats.

Conclude Write Up

In this blog, we have learned about some software and tools that help us to backup and download G Suite Emails. Although every method is not enough to perform specific tasks, except the professional tool. That not only backup G Suite data in fact also offers you to migrate your Google Drive, Contact, and Calendar to the hard drive, and also assures you that your data is safe.

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