7 Different Approaches to Fix AOL IMAP Not Working Issue

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    February 15th, 2023
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Summary:- AOL is a preferred Email client and people use it for email communication. But sometimes due to server problems, people face AOL IMAP Not Working Issues. This problem can arise when AOL is not configured to IMAP properly. So, in this article, you can explore some easy methods to fix this issue and get rid of it. Either you can try some manual approaches or use the AOL Backup Tool and resolve this issue.

Manual Approaches to Fix AOL Not Working Issue

There are 7 techniques that you can implement to resolve this issue. First, configure an IMAP Connection, then try to change the AOL Mail password, or lastly re-add the AOL Account through MS Outlook. These three techniques might help you to resolve AOL IMAP Not Working issue.

Approach 1- Set IMAP Connection

In order to set up an IMAP connection you will have to go to the AOL Mail Application Setting.

You will have to enter IMAP Server and Outgoing Mail STMP Server to set up the connection. Follow the instruction given below to configure the IMAP connection.

IMAP server (incoming Mail): imap.aol.com

Port: 993

Security: SSL

Outgoing Mail SMTP server: smtp.aol.com


Security: SSL

In the Username, you will have to use your AOL email address and password for both the servers IMAP and SMTP.

Approach 2- Change AOL Password

Entering an Old or expired password, again and again, can be a possible reason for AOL IMAP Not Working issue. Therefore, you should change your AOL password and that might resolve your issue.

  • Open AOL Mail and log in with the existing password.
  • Then go to the Options tab below the profile name.
  • Now click on the Account Info option.
  • A wizard will appear where you will have to choose the Account Security option.
  • Then click on the Change Password link under the Password section.
  • Enter a new password and click on Continue.
  • Your AOL Mail Password will be changed.

Now try using AOL Mail and you might not face the AOL IMAP not Working issue.

Approach 3- Re-Add AOL Account through Outlook

In this technique, you will have to delete AOL from Outlook and then add it again to your Outlook Profile. You can follow the steps given below to do this task:-

  • Launch MS Outlook and go to the File Tab.
  • Then click on Account Settings>>AOL account>>Delete button.
  • Then restart Outlook Application, once your AOL account has been removed.
  • Go to Account Settings again and click on the Add button.
  • Then add AOL Account and follow further steps till the end.
  • Your problem might get resolved after trying this technique.

Approach 4- Disable AOL Two-Step Verification

If you’ve set up AOL’s two-step verification process, it will prevent Outlook to connect to AOL Servers but it will show the IMAP password Window. In order to resolve this issue, you will have to disable the Two-Step verification.

Approach 5- Check Anti-Virus and Firewall Settings

Make sure that security apps are not blocking incoming ports or mail applications. If they are blocking then you must check those apps and this might resolve the AOL IMAP Not Working issue.

Approach 6- Check Proxy Settings

Sometimes due to the Proxy or VPN Server, AOL IMAP stops working and the connection is blocked. So, you must check the Proxy Settings first and it might help you to resolve this issue.

Approach 7- Update Date and Time

AOL fails to verify the SSL Encryption when either the date or time is incorrect. So, you might face the AOL IMAP Not Working Issue. In order to resolve this issue, make sure your date and time are updated.

After trying all the above methods, your imap.aol.com Not Working issue might get resolved. But if still you face this problem, then you must try the AOL Backup Software because it will move AOL emails to IMAP without any data loss.

Fix imap.aol.com Not Working Issue Using AOL Backup Tool

Sysinfo AOL Email Backup Tool is a multifunctional Software that will help you to migrate emails from AOL to IMAP. You will just have to log in using AOL credentials ad a third-party password, then in the saving option choose IMAP and authenticate the login. All your AOL emails will be migrated to IMAP without losing any email. Moving AOL to IMAP might resolve the AOL IMAP Not Working issue.


You have 7 different approaches that you can try to resolve the AOL IMAP Not working issue. If those 7 approaches won’t work, then you can make use of the third-party software and migrate all AOL Emails to IMAP. The choice is yours, which methods can help you to resolve the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I resolve the imap.aol.com Not Working problem?

Ans – There are 7 different approaches given above in this article that you can try to resolve this problem. This issue usually arises when there are minor human errors and you can resolve them by yourself.

Q. Is it mandatory to use the AOL Backup Tool to resolve the AOL IMAP Not Working Issue?

Ans – No, you can try the 7 approaches to resolve this issue for free. But if still you face this problem then we suggest you migrate AOL emails to IMAP to have a backup of those emails.

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