How to Troubleshoot Mac Outlook 2011 Error Code 17199?

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    March 9th, 2020
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    February 19, 2021
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Microsoft Outlook comes up in the top ranking of email clients all over the globe. It works with both the Mac and Windows platforms. As other mail clients store many items, Mac Outlook also contains mail items like contacts, emails, calendars, etc. The Mac Outlook saves data generally in the OLM file format that cannot be opened in Windows. Many times mac Outlook faces corruption issues that generate Outlook 2011 Error Code 17199. If you also face the same concern, then this guide will help you. 

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The error message:

“An unknown error has occurred in Outlook. A message in your Outlook could not be sent. The account which created the message could not be found.”

You may also face this error message in Mac Outlook, so you should know why it occurs.

Why Mac Outlook Error 17199 Takes Place?

Mac Outlook saves user mailbox information and stores it into a storage device, but sometimes, under some unfavorable conditions, OLM files become inaccessible to the user. It also occurred due to some other reasons as follows:

  • Suddenly, your system gets shutdown.
  • Virus attack damages your stored OLM files.
  • OLM files may be larger due to which this error occurred. 
  • Microsoft Exchange Server gets crashed. 
  • Corruption in Storage Media generates this error. 
  • Outlook installation in Mac OS is not done accurately. 

These may be other reasons behind this error code 17199 in mac Outlook. Now, let’s have a look at some fixes that help to move out you from this situation.

Methods to Solve “Outlook 2011 Error Code 17199” in Mac System-

It involves three steps:

Step 1: Check that you are connected to the web or not:

Verify that you log in with the web-based application of Outlook or not. To do so, log in to Google+ account, and if you complete the log-in procedure, then it’s fine. Otherwise, you have to contact your internet service provider to know the authentic username and password.

Step 2: Clean Outlook Outbox Emails

Now, check your Outbox and clean all the pending emails from it. Perform a send or receive method; if any problem persists, you can move to the next step.

Step 3: Again enter your username & password

Start fixing Outlook error 17199 through the following steps mentioned below:

  1. Initially, open Mac Outlook on your device. 
  2. From the menu bar, go to Tools option, and then hit on the Accounts option
  3. Go the left side and choose the desired email account
  4. Enter the accurate email address and password
  5. Now, verify the accuracy of Outgoing server and Incoming server 
  6. After performing all the settings, close the window and exit.

These all are the three manual steps to fix this Error code 17199 in Mac Outlook. Most of the users will not be satisfied with the given standard approach due to its complexity. So, we have another solution as well that helps you in fixing the issue instantly. You don’t have to wait for a longer time. 

Instant Solution-

As this error occurs due to corrupted Mac Outlook OLM files, so the best idea is to convert them into another supportable format. Therefore, you can choose Mac OLM Converter that helps a user to move Mac OLM files to PST directly. The converted PST file will then easily open in Outlook Windows. Also, it can quickly repair corrupted OLM files that automatically fix Outlook 2011 Error Code 17199. 

Summing Up!!

Going through this blog, you get to know all the reasons and the steps to resolve the Mac Outlook 2011 error message 17199. You can try the above manual and instant method to get rid of this error. I hope that you will find this guide useful and try these methods whenever you face the same error. 

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