Pro Tips to Transfer IMAP Email to New Host [Exclusive 2023]

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    January 20th, 2023
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Summary:-Usually, when users think of transferring email from one host to another, they face various challenges as it is not an easy task. It does not involve only the migration of emails, also includes all mailbox items, such as Calendar, Tasks, Events, and Contacts. If you have decided to do the migration process from one host to another, you need to be very careful while doing manually without losing the crucial data or you can try the Mail Migration Tool.

Most webmail clients don’t support the same file formats to save the items of mailbox data that’s why you require to have IMAP as a webmail client to do the migration process. Here, I will discuss how you can transfer IMAP email to new host.

In this section, I will highlight what you will need while doing the migration process from one host to another host.

Requirements to Move IMAP Email to New Host

  • Both of your hosts should support IMAP webmail protocol.
  • Every Media Temple (mt) should sync by using IMAP.
  • You should have the password of the email account which you want to transfer.
  • Various webmail clients support IMAP, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, and Apple Mail.

Here, I have discussed the requirements to migrate IMAP to new host. Moving ahead, I will mention some instructions that need to migrate IMAP email to another host.

Instructions to Transfer IMAP Email to New Host

However, I will discuss some instructions which you need to follow for transferring email from one host to another. Just look and follow the instructions.

  • First of all, create a similar email account on a new host as it was on your previous server. Make sure to opt the similar capitalization and spelling.
  • After that, you have the option to change your old password after the exporting process is finished as per your requirement.
  • In your current webmail client, you can create two new webmail accounts.
  • Afterwards, these two email clients contain a similar email address.
  • Then, both email clients must require the same passwords.
  • Both email accounts should be synced by using IMAP.
  • The IMAP server or incoming server should be different for each email account.
  • Then, users are allowed to use their IP address for their new host and their IP address or access domain for their previous server instead of using their domain name. It will avoid any possible DNS conflict.
  • After creating both accounts, open the inbox of your new account which is syncing to your previous server. Just drag and drop inbox messages from one inbox to another inbox on your current server.

I have successfully completed the process to transfer IMAP email to new host. But one point should keep in your mind, if you have various emails, give the accounts some time to complete configuring. Your previous emails will be synced with the new server.

Before moving ahead, you should know some limitations of performing the manual method, such a procedure is too time-consuming and too complicated. Even both users, technical and non-technical users face many difficulties while performing it. Additionally, if you do not want to face any drawbacks or fear of losing crucial data you can directly go with a third-party utility.

Move IMAP Email to New Host Efficiently

Sysinfo Mail Migration Tool is the utility that I have discussed in the above section. It is highly recommended by IT experts and professionals. Even, this wizard helps to transfer IMAP email to new host without losing crucial data. Moreover, this software does not require any professional expertise and it can also transfer email from cPanel to cPanel. Furthermore, I would like to mention the steps to migrate IMAP to new host for your better understanding.

Steps For Transferring Email From One Host to Another

  • Download and Run the Tool on your local system.
  • Select IMAP as the Email Client.
    Step 1
  • After choosing IMAP, type the credentials, IMAP Host, and Port No. of it.
  • Then, you are also allowed to preview your files in the preview panel.
  • Mark the emails that you want to transfer to a New Host and then click on the Next button.Transfer IMAP Email to New Host
  • Moving ahead, select Gmail or your desired Email Client as your saving format and authenticate the login process.
    Step 3
  • Moving further, you can opt for features, if necessary, and click Convert.Transfer IMAP Email to New Host
  • Finally, all your IMAP Emails will be transferred to a New Host to the host chosen by you.


In this blog, I have mentioned how you can transfer IMAP email to new host. I have talked about two different methods, professional and manual. It is your choice to opt for any of the procedures and perform the IMAP Email Migration to the new host.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will I lose my emails if I change hosting?

Ans. No, you do not lose your emails if you change hosting. You can simply opt Sysinfo Mail Migration Tool that helps to transfer one host to another host without losing your crucial data.

Q2. Does IMAP delete emails from the server after downloading?

Ans. Once emails are downloaded onto your local system, they are removed from the email service. In simple words, these emails are only accessed if a user is using the same system.

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