How to Save an Email as a PDF in Outlook

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    May 15th, 2018
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Portability is a key in file availability to access any type of files on different platforms. This availability allows the users to carry their file from one device on to another. However, you are not offered an option when working with  Microsoft Outlook. In Outlook, emails are originally saved in Personal Storage Table(.pst format) on your local machine. An email file is not able to access on to another system without converting them to a portable format. Therefore to save an email as a PDF in Outlook we need to convert Outlook into PDF. PDF is a Portable Document Format used by almost everyone, which is a convenient way that allows you to view data on any type of device.

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You may wonder why has outlook made it hard to save an email as PDF in Outlook? Or Can Windows provide print to PDF option?

Before Windows 10 Version it was hard for the users to open Outlook Emails in PDF. But if you are using Outlook in Windows 10, you get an option to print to PDF Format.

Outlook also provides other options to save Outlook email messages as a file(PDF) in your computer system.  Let’s discuss the steps to save an email as a PDF in Outlook in its different versions.

Carry Out The Step To save an Email as a PDF in Outlook

There are two common requirements through which user need to export Outlook in PDF. As:

1. If Outlook Supports The Microsoft Print To PDF Feature

Outlook doesn’t take in PDF as its default Save as types. The Microsoft Print To PDF feature integrated into Windows 10 allows you to print any email messages directly as a PDF format.

 Save as (or Print to) a PDF in Windows 10 – Outlook 2016,13,10

  1. Open your email message that you want to save, and on the File tab, click Print.
  2. From the drop-down on Printer, choose Microsoft Print to PDF.
  3. Choose Print.
  4. From the Save Print Output box, choose the destination folder; name the file. Then choose Save.

Save an Email as a PDF in Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007 does not give any direct saving option to save emails as a PDF in Outlook. However, you need to save the received email messages as an MS Office Word 2007 document from the save received messages as Office Word. and then save the doc as a PDF format.

2. If Outlook doesn’t Support The Microsoft Print To PDF Feature

Follow the steps if you do not have Windows 10 or Print to PDF feature:

  1. Open the message that you want to save, and from the File tab, click Save As option.
  2. In the appeared Save as dialog box, from the Folder pane, choose your folder where you want to save the file. (Give your folder a name)
  3. Select the Save type; as HTML and then click on Save.
  4. Now, Open Word and from File menu choose Open.
  5. Select that HTML file you saved in step 3.
  6. Save As the selected file as PDF (*.pdf)from the file type drop-down list before choosing Save.

3. What’s the Alternative for converting PST to PDF Format

There could be a situation when you might require a solution that avoids the long manual process. For which you must know the alternative way to save the outlook emails as a PDF format. SysInfoTools PST to PDF Converter is professional software that can save an email as a  PDF in Outlook with images and include all its attachments. It is a very reliable and portable tool that not only works on converting PST email into PDF but also repairs and recovers any corruption in the .pst file. It does not matter on which Windows versions you are working on, as this advanced software supports every windows version. Using software you don’t have to worry about the long and complicated steps to save emails as a PDF in Outlook. PST to PDF Converter is able to convert the complete mailbox items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes into PDF format.

Download Now

Software Guide

Step 1: Download and Install SysInfoTools PST to PDF Converter.

PST to PDF Converter

Step 2: Select the Outlook PST files that are to save in PDF format from your system.

Locate PST files to save as PDF

Step 3: Select the scanning modes to scan the PST files if you have corrupted files. This feature handles and solves any PST error before saving it into PDF. And Press OK.


Step 4: Select the Saving path to save PST file in PDF & tick the options as per your need to manage your PDF content. Click OK to start the conversion or saving process.

Save PST into PDF into your defined location

 Step 5: Likewise the Outlook file is saved in PDF form.


This blog basically describes the process of how to save an email as a PDF in Outlook. The process is distributed as two-parts; first saving the emails into PDF by Windows 10  print to PDF feature and second saving emails without print to PDF feature. You will also find the alternative procedure to convert PST into PDF that is using SysInfoTools Outlook PST to PDF Converter.

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