Depth Guide to Import PST to Online Archive Office 365 Using Powershell

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    October 17th, 2022
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Summary:-If you are using MS Outlook, all the emails are stored in a PST File. Many people want to import all their emails from PST to Office 365. Therefore, here you can follow various step-by-step methods to import those emails from the PST file. We will share some simple techniques to Import PST to Online Archive Office 365 using Powershell and a Professional Office 365 Backup Tool that will help you save time and effort.

There are many organizations that are shifting from MS Outlook to cloud-based clients like Office 365 where they can store all their emails and other mailbox items safely. Office 365 gives more storage space and you can easily store thousands of emails in it. But the problem arises when the organization has an Outlook PST File with thousands of emails and it wants to import those emails to Office 365. Here, we will discuss an easy method to import PST to Online Archive Office 365 by using the Powershell Command. You can even import PST emails more quickly using the Office 365 Backup Tool.

Techniques to Convert Outlook File Emails to Office 365

There are two possible ways to Import Emails and all other mailbox items of a PST file to Office 365. Either you can use the Powershell Commands for importing PST or you can use an Automated Tool. Let’s explore both methods to upload PST to the online Archive.

How to Import PST to Online Archive Office 365 Using Powershell Commands?

This is a manual method for importing PST to the Archive but there are three prerequisites of this method before you start implementing it. On the other hand, uploading PST to Office Archive through Powershell involves three major steps. You must explore every step and implement it using your best knowledge. Prerequisites of Using Powershell Command

  • You will need an admin account on Office 365.
  • Admin Role of Import Export Mailbox.
  • The upload bandwidth must be high.

Provision for Storage

  1. Open Office 365 on your Laptop or PC and click on the Import Service option.
  2. Then choose the Data Migration option.
  3. Now you will have to click on the Upload PST Files option. 0
  4. Then you can see a + sign. Click on it and select the Upload Email Messages (PST files) option.
  5. Now the Storage account will be created for the import. You will have to click on the Show network upload SAS URL. The URL will have:-
  6. Storage Account Name
  7. Container Name
  8. Shared Access Signature
  9. Azure AzCopy Tool usually uses this URL to upload PST Online Archive Office 365.

Upload the PST File

After you have created the provision of storage, you can move on to the next step which is uploading the PST File using AzCopy Tool or Azure Storage Explorer and which are also known as Command Line Tool or Graphical Tool Respectively.

  1. Click on the Plug button as shown below and connect to the Azure Storage Explorer.
  2. Then provide the Shared Access Signature (SAS) URL or an account key.
  3. After entering the SAS URL, you can see the Connection Summary.
  4. Then using Azure Storage Explorer Tool you can import the PST File.
  5. By using the following command, you can check the list of files present on AzureNow.
New-AzureStorageContext -SasToken ($SharedAccessSignatureURL -split ‘\?’ | Select-Object -Last 1) -StorageAccountName ($SharedAccessSignatureURL -split ‘\.’ -split ‘//’)[1] | Get-AzureStorageBlob -Container ($SharedAccessSignatureURL -split ‘\?’ -split ‘/’)[3] | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name

Map the PST File

Now you will have to create a CSV file after uploading the PDT to Azure Storage. The CSV file will help you to map the mailboxes of PST and the destination folders.

Import PST File to Online Archive O365

In the final step, the PST Mapping file has to be imported so you will have to click on the Finish button and your PST file will be imported to the online archive Office 365 through Powershell.

Get-MailboxImportRequest | ForEach-Object -Process { Get-MailboxImportRequestStatistics -Identity $_.RequestGuid } | Select-Object -Property BatchName, TargetAlias, StatusDetail, StartTimestamp, OverallDuration, TotalInProgressDuration, EstimatedTransferSize, PercentComplete, @{Label=’File’;Expression={$_.AzureBlobStorageAccountUri | Split-Path -Leaf}} | Out-GridView -Title “PST Import Progress

Why Manual Uploading of PST to Office 365 Fails?

Sometimes it becomes difficult for a non-technical user to implement the manual steps and even you can lose your PST file data while importing it to Office 365 manually. Therefore, we suggest Office 365 Backup Tool to upload PST to online archive easily and access all the emails with attachments present in them.

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Another Substitute to Migrate PST to Online Archive Office 365

If you aren’t comfortable with the Powershell Command method for importing the PST files then you can use the Office 365 Backup Tool. It will help you to import PST file in just 5 steps to your Office Online Archive. You can implement the simple steps given below:-

  1. Download and Install Sysinfo Office 365 Backup Tool and click on the Restore Button.
  2. Then choose the PST File that you want to import to Office 365 Archive.
  3. Click on the Next Button and Preview all the Emails of the PST file.
  4. Choose the Emails and Mailbox Items of the PST file that you want to import and click on the Next button.
  5. Finally, provide your Office 365 credentials and click on the Sign-In button.

By applying these steps you can easily import PST to Online Archive Office 365 and now you can access all the emails and mailbox items of the PST file. Conclusion Now you know how to import PST to Online Archive Office 365 using Powershell and Office 365 Backup Tool. You have to make your own choice and implement the most suitable method for uploading PST into your Office 365 Account.


Q.1 Can I Import Multiple PST Files to Office 365 Online Archive?

A.1 Yes, you can import Multiple PST Files to Office 365 with the help of an automated tool. But if you are using Powershell then you will have to migrate PST one by one.

Q.2 How do I Migrate PST to Online Archive Office 365?

A.2 We have mentioned two methods above that will help you to migrate PST to Outlook. You can import PST using Powershell or you can straightaway use the professional tool.

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