How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from SD Card

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    August 27th, 2019
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    February 23, 2021
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Photos are the only way out for holding memories for a longer period of time but imagine if they get deleted accidentally from your mobile phones or SD cards. Therefore in this article, I’ll discuss some ways out to retrieve deleted photos from SD card. There are many reasons for losing images from the SD card which I’ll tell you in this blog.

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Earlier there supposed to be only one SD card but now these SD Cards are bifurcated into multiple cards like Micro SD Card, Mini SD Card, also with various brands like Samsung, Toshiba, Transcend, Sony, and many others. The problem with all the SD card is that once you delete any file from it, then it is really difficult to get those files back.

Problems with Mobile and Camera SD Cards

Here are some problems which are related to SD card users.

Accidental Deletion

Sometimes in a hurry, the user deletes all the images from the SD card. There is an option of mark all and delete all images in the mobile phones. While using this option the user also deletes some of his necessary images. Therefore all the images or photos disappear from the SD cards and it shows that the memory card is empty.

SD Card Formatting

Formatting the whole SD Card removes each and every file from it and the user loses all the images as well. Therefore the user always faces the formatting problem in SD Cards.

Virus Intrusion

Sometimes due to virus attacks, the Photos present in the SD card gets corrupted and when the user tries to access them, they show an invalid error. Many camera users have complained about this issue that their camera’s SD card gets corrupted.

Abrupt SD Card Ejection

I would recommend all SD card users that never eject your memory card from the slot forcefully because it can lead to external damage and all your images can get corrupted. Forceful ejection of the card in hurry is also a problem for SD Card users.

Methods to Retrieve Deleted Photos from SD Card

Look for Backups

If you are a smartphone user and have an android OS then you can easily recover deleted photos from the SD cards. Just follow the steps given below:-

  • Go to Settings on your mobile.
  • Then touch on Google option.
  • Open Backup Option.
  • Now, touch on Active Backup option.

Here you can find your backup photos and you can download them from there and retrieve all the images back.

Create Backup

If in case your Automatic Backup option is disabled then you’ll not find any images in the backup folder. Therefore it is always better to keep the automatic backup option enable. Whenever you open Google Photos into your mobile there is an option of Backup and Sync and you must always keep this option enabled so that later on you can retrieve deleted photos from SD card.

Retrieve Pictures from Bin

In the android smartphone which is embedded with SD cards has an option of Bin. In just three simple steps the user can get the deleted photos back.

  • Open Photos and then go to Settings.
  • Touch and Open Bin Folder.
  • At the corner, you can see the Restore option.

First you have to select the photos which were deleted accidentally and then touch on restore to get them back into SD cards.

Save from Social Media

Nowadays the usage of social media application is at boom and many users upload their pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and also on other application. So if you have also done the same you can easily download the accidentally deleted photos from your social media profile into SD cards.

Try Photo Recovery Software

 I have told you all the free methods which can help you to restore photos but if all the above techniques fail, then you can try Photo Recovery Software. This tool will help you to get back deleted photos into the SD card. If your photos are corrupted then also you can repair all of them with the help of this tool.


  • Easy to operate and retrieve deleted photos from SD card.
  • Runs smoothly all the Windows editions.
  • Recovers all the deleted images in bulk.
  • It is quite cheap.


  • Doesn’t Supports Mac operating system.
  • Not Recommended for Linux users.


Well, you know all the techniques of getting back the deleted photos. I have shared the various method and you can try any method. If the manual methods don’t seem fit then you can go with the Photo Recovery Tool to recover lost photos, audios, videos. The ball is in your court and therefore the choice is yours. I hope liked this article and have got your solution.

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