How to Restore Deleted Instagram Photos and Videos

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    August 28th, 2019
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In this blog, we will know some methods to restore deleted Instagram photos and videos as well as some other data, follow to the end.

Instagram is a social media platform to share photos, videos, and audio files and it is also favoured by millions and owned by the most popular social media platform ‘Facebook’.

Sometimes you lost your important items from Instagram mistakenly or when you delete or disable your Instagram profile, and the sad part is, Instagram has no Recycle Bin/recovery features.

The Good thing about Instagram is that you can save the photos as drafts and also upload it anytime. To save the photos as drafts, click the back arrow at the top left of the screen and Save Draft and then Discard option will appear. Select Save Draft options and the photos will be saved under Drafts section.

Methods to Get Back Deleted Instagram Images

Now in the next part, we will know some methods to restore deleted Instagram items.

Method 1: Look into the Photos Gallery of your Phone

Make sure that you save your photos on your phone’s gallery before and after you share them online (unless you’ve deleted them). Some possible locations where you can search for copies and recover deleted Instagram pictures are:

  • Phone’s Gallery
  • DCIM Folder
  • Downloads Folder
  • Any other location where you usually save your images.

Method 2: Check Archive feature of Instagram

Archive Posts, a new feature was integrated into Instagram in 2017. It’s great because:

  • You can hide any photos and stories.
  • Any ‘deleted’ photo can be retrieved in two clicks.

Basically, Instagram Archive feature can be compared to a Recycle Bin – a location where your files are temporarily stored until you empty it, your photos will be available for quick recovery and share. Subsequently, as soon as you delete a photo from Instagram Archive, you lose guaranteed recovery of your content.

Retrieve Deleted Instagram Images

Method 3: Using Photo Recovery Software

If you still didn’t get the satisfactory solution then try the Photo Recovery Software by Sysinfo, a universal technique to recover and restore the deleted items from any storage media. It is a viable option with the robust scanning algorithm and straightforward recovery process and it also recovers photos/pictures of all types (BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, MOS, MEF, PSP etc.), recover audio files of various formats like (DSS, IFF, M4A, M4P, MIDI, MP3 etc.) and recovery of corrupt video file type like (MP4, MPEG, MQV, OGM, MKV, MOI, SVI etc.). It doesn’t matters who you are, a tech-savvy or a novice user, even you can use this deleted photo recovery software also without having any prior technical expertise.

Some prominent features of this tool are as follows:

  • Recovery from Volumes & Drives.
  • Support FAT & NTFS.
  • Different Recovery Modes: Standard, Advanced, Deep.
  • Tree-structure Preview.
  • Windows Support: Compatible with all the versions of windows.


Now the user will be able to restore deleted Instagram photos and videos as well as other items. We have suggested some manual methods, if you are still unable to access deleted items of Instagram, with those methods, then try the third-party recovery utility. This utility is enough to recover deleted items.

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