Photo Recovery Software To Restore Lost Photos, Audios & Videos

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    October 20th, 2016
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    March 11, 2021
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Losing our presious pictures is always a painful situation for many people. In just a moment, you can lose your memorial photos and this will surely bring you to tears as you lose your data. Photos, Videos and Text are always the best way to preserve precious memories of the past. But due to accidental deletion or corruption, you may lose them. But no need to worry because through the backup you can restore them back, but it should be in the valid state, i.e. not corrupt. If sometimes there’s no backup available, then you have no other choice except using professional Photo Recovery software.

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The two most common reasons when your important pictures get damaged or get lost: one is Accidental Deletion and another one is Data Corruption. Though you can avoid accidental deletion, corruption is inevitable, i.e. certain to happen. The facts say, there’s not even a single computer file immune to corruption.

Accidental Deletion

Deleting some data from your system means you don’t want it anymore. But sometimes it happens that you delete image files accidentally. You’re lucky enough if you use a temporary delete function of Windows. It sends your deleted files to Recycle Bin from where you can restore them at any time. But unfortunately, if you delete the files by using Shift + Delete keys, you just lose them from your system. There’s no way to get them back. Quick formatting of a volume or drive will also cause you data loss.

Data Corruption

Another common reason for image loss is corruption which frequently takes place. Generally, computer files are prone to corruption, and there are numerous reasons behind this. The most common are virus attacks, hard disk failure or crash, sudden system shutdown, deleting system files, software malfunction, and sometimes human errors. Corruption can cause inaccessibility, hence you can’t open or access any of your files.

Importance of Backup File

Whenever you face data loss, a backup file acts as a life-saver for you. It contains the copies of your original data, and you can restore them at any time. But make sure the backup is updated and valid, i.e. not corrupt. An updated backup helps you restore maximum possible data from it. And if the backup is corrupt, neither you can open it nor can you restore anything from it.

Restore Lost Photos, Audio, or Video with Professional Software

If you’re having no backup file or if it’s corrupt or not updated, you must consider using professional Photo Recovery software. This utility is programmed to restore deleted or lost photos, videos, text and all other types of data from corrupted and formatted volumes and drives as well as other storage media. Also, it supports the recovery of all popular types of audio and video files. Just look at the key features of this amazing Photo Recovery software:

  • The software supports the recovery of images, audios, and videos of all popular formats.
  • It supports recovery from corrupt and formatted volumes & drives.
  • Also, it can recover lost photos from digital cameras and other external storage media.
  • Recovery from both file systems: FAT aka file allocation table (all versions) and NTFS aka new technology file system.
  • Two scanning modes for handling different level of corruption: Standard & Advance.
  • Three different modes for recovery: Standard, Advanced & Deep.
  • It provides you separate preview window in which you can check the preview of recovered images.
  • Extensive Windows support is available, i.e. it supports the latest Windows 10 (32 & 64-bit).
  • Available with free demo version for free evaluation purpose.


In this blog, we have discussed a versatile & effective computer data recovery utility for lost items. As long as you find the right data recovery utility, you will be able to confidently react to all kinds of file recovery demands.

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