Recover Corrupt Windows Backup Files Using SysInfo BKF Repair Pro Tool

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    April 24th, 2017
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Summary:- In this internet era, the safety and security of our personal and professional data is our utmost concern. With the rapid usage of computers at home and in our workplaces, data security is always one of the crucial factors we have to face. In fact, every one of us is moving towards the digital age or paperless office and leaving behind the hard copies which we used to work on earlier. Hence we need to be smart enough to keep our databases and files secured from corruption. ┬áThere are many of us who always keep a backup of our files and delete the not-so-important files. But doing this can’t be termed as the best solution. What will happen if your backup files get corrupted?

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What is BKF Files?

See BKF file is basically the backup file extensions created by NTBackup Utility  Tool, it is a built-in backup application from Microsoft. Whose main function is to create automatic backups of the database files of its users. This utility tool saves these backup files in .bkf format. And that is BKF files for you in layman’s terms.

But there is an issue with this file format and that is, it is not immune from viruses and mail wares. Hence, this file is prone to corruption. Which ultimately leads to inaccessible files.

The major concern that we all face is in the recovery process. Recovering corrupt BKF files is not that easy and there are great chances of losing your data. Plus the best part is that there are no manual procedures or techniques to recover these corrupt BKF files.

How to Recover Corrupt Windows Backup Files?

For that, there is only one solution and that is to use a BKF Repair Tool or in layman’s terms a third-party tool. If you simply Google will get a ‘N’ number of tools to recover and repair your corrupt BKF files. But the big question is “which BKF Repair Tool should I choose?”

Yes, you have a valid concern. And that is why I am here.

As I said earlier, you would get a wide range of BKF repair tools in the market and almost all of them work like the same. The only difference that differentiated them is their features, recovery level, and price. It’s easy to compare prices but comparing two or four recovery tools on the basis of features and recovery model is quite hard. Some of them are high on prices but don’t perform full recovery and some of them are priced low and perform full recovery with some great on-the-top features.

Overview on Pro Version of SysInfoTools BKF Recovery Tool

Here I am describing the topmost feature of SysInfoTools Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro (V4.0), which makes it really a good tool and has got some excellent reviews from worldwide users.

Feature Table



Recovering files made by Symantec backup Utility tool


Recovering .bkf extensions
created by NT backup utility tool


Restoring corrupt BKF files made by VERITAS Backup tool


Recovery of Unicode Characters


MS SQL Database recovery


Repair & recovery of Exchange Backup


Compressed files recovery



Capabilities & Features

Support multiple BKF files


Support split BKF files


Supports CRC Corruption issues


Note: The latter one supports alltypes of corruption including the CRC corruption issue

File Types

Supports all file types

Flexible saving options


Snapshot feature


Pause option during recovery

Not Available

Scanning Modes


Load & Save recovery snapshot option


Preview Options


Search options


TXT format option


List creation option


Free Version


Note: Both the free versions allow you to repair all your BKF files without the option of saving it. You can preview the recovered files.

Technical support


CLI Version / support


Windows Compatibility




Money back guarantee



Personal License


Corporate License


Technical License


Here was the comparison of the features and the capabilities of the renowned BKF Repair Tool.

So now let’s see their step by step manuals with the help of ScreenShots

SysInfoTools Backup EXEC BKF Repair Pro Step By Step Procedure

Step 01: Launch the application, click Open and then click on Add FilesCorrupt BKF Files
Step 02:
Now select the ,bkf files that you want to recover. Then click on SaveCorrupt BKF Files

Step 03: In the third step, you have to select the recovery mode i.e. Standard or Advanced. Plus you can also opt for SQL database recovery, if you need to.Corrupt BKF Files

 Step 04: Now wait for a minute or so, as the scanning process would take some timeCorrupt BKF Files

Step 05: As soon as the scanning process is completed, click on OKCorrupt BKF Files

Step 06: As the scanning process is done, now you may check the preview of those files you are going to recover in the later part.Corrupt BKF Files

Step 07: Now after previewing your files, now select those ones which you want to recover. If there are any specific files that you want to recover, select those or else you can restore all the corrupt BKF filesCorrupt BKF Files

Step 08: After selection, browse the location where you want to save these recovered filesCorrupt BKF Files

Step 09: And finally, your recovery process has been done. Click OK.Corrupt BKF FilesSo here was the manual procedure for both of these BKF repair Tools.

Author’s Verdict

As it is very clear from the above feature table that SysInfoTools have created an excellent software to recover corrupt windows backup(.bkf) files. However, the latter has some extraordinary features which others don’t have like:

  • Supports recovery of multiple and split BKF files
  • Recovery modes
  • Option to restore SQL Database Recovery
  • Recover compressed files and
  • Availability of list creation

So in terms of features and capabilities SysInfoTools Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro is comparatively better than other recovery software.

So I would say, it is totally up to you what you want to choose. If you have split or compressed BKF files then the only option is SysInfoTools as no other tools in the market provide this option to recover split and compressed bkf files. Also you may also check out this BKF Repair Tool from SysInfotools.

Hope you liked this article. If you want to add or edit tell me, in the comment section.

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