OpenOffice Draw Repair: Fix Corrupt ODG Files

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    April 3rd, 2014
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    September 8, 2022
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ODG file is a significant file extension (used in OpenOffice Draw) and is quite popular among computer users due to its high usage and various applications in the Windows Operating System. It is a highly versatile file extension that also features multiple different programs and functions and a PC. This file extension aids in completing a large number of tasks by supporting their performance. It has a large user base that can easily open and access ODG files without encountering any file extension errors but there can be times when these files may show you extension errors that could restrict you from working in a usual manner. You will have to go through OpenOffice Draw Repair process to get the file back.

In such scenarios, before actually deciding to opt for a solution, it is important to know where these errors may have caused. Listed are some probable error messages which can help you in figuring out that your ODG file is facing ODG file corruption.

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ODG File Error Messages

  • The ODG file is either corrupted or damaged
  • Invalid file extension: undefined
  • The file needs a supported application to load
  • The version is outdated to support this file
  • Incompatible file type and file extension
  • The file is not assigned to the right program
  • No script engine for file extension .odg
  • The registry key is invalid

As a rule of thumb, an application that wants to open an ODG file needs to be registered in the Windows registry. In most cases, file extension corruption is quite rare as Windows allows single file extension to applications. However, in the case of ODG files, the extension error can be seen often due to it being versatile. Therefore, if your file reports an error then ensure that your system or machine is virus free because it is the major reason why ODG file extension goes corrupt.

Tips To Recover Or Repair OpenOffice Draw ODG Files

The below given how-to tips may help you in recovering ODG files without any technical help. Trying one or more of these tips may prove fruitful and you may save a great amount of time and money that you may spend on a compatible solution.

Method 1

If you have created a backup then it is ideal to restore your ODG file from the backup. Open Office generally saves backups if you have enabled ‘Always create backups’ in settings. You can find backup files in the default location which is: C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\\user\backup 

Search for your file in this location. If the backup is saved, you can find your original file with a.BAK extension. Copy this and try to open your file with OpenOffice. It will serve the purpose.

Method 2

Sometimes it’s due to the outdated or under-upgraded version of the OpenOffice application that the ODG files fail to respond. Therefore downloading and installing the latest and upgraded version is advised for those facing trouble while opening ODG files.

Method 3

Sometimes, the file may not open directly by double-clicking on it due to unknown reasons. If this happens, try doing it the other way by inserting your file into a freshly opened OpenOffice environment. For doing so, go to Insert and then File menu to select and insert the ODG file that seems corrupted.

Method 4

Renaming your ODG file to a ZIP extension can save you from looking for alternative options. Try to change the original extension of your file to a ZIP extension. In most cases, it reverts back to a list of files attached to theseZIP files. On out of these files are named as ‘content.xml’. This is the same file that contains your ODG document’s text. It can be a little much to remove all the formatting statements included therein with the original text but it is worth the effort to recover your ODG files data.

It may also happen, that even after applying all of the above-stated how-to tips, you couldn’t recover the required ODG file and may end up frustrating. Do not worry, we are here to help you with the most outstanding Draw Recovery software. It promises to be your sole support provider in case of ODG file loss. Download the demo version at absolutely no cost.


I Know OpenOffice Draw files are important for many users therefore if you face any issue related to the ODG file. Then try the techniques which I have mentioned in this article. The simple and basic steps will help you to get back OpenOffice draw files. If the corruption is severe and the manual methods fail to perform OpenOffice draw repair then you must try the ODG Recovery Software. I am hoping for the best and your issue should get resolved.


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