Learn Multiple Ways to Open EML file on macOS

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    December 10th, 2019
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EML files are the email messages saved by MS Outlook. There are many windows applications that can open an EML file but some Mac OS cannot. Many users want to open .eml files in Outlook Mac but failing to do so. Therefore, this blog focus on “how to open .eml file on mac” with manual methods. Continue Reading!!

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What does EML File mean?

An EML file is just an email message saved by any email program like MS Outlook or Apple Mail. it includes the message content with the subject, sender, recipient(s) and message date.  Also, EML files consist of one or more email attachments that are sent with a message.

EML files Benefits:

  • These files can be used to retrieve all the email header information in the email for Forensic Analysis.
  • These can be opened as they are formatted exactly the same way as (.mht) file in Internet Explorer, changing the file extension from EML to MHT file will allow the file to open in Internet Explorer.
  • It is easy to send individual messages to the receiver without revealing all the information in PST format that may affect an individual/organization’s type of confidentiality.

How to Open .eml File on Mac OS?

There are mainly four ways to see the content of the EML file with all the attachments. The first approach is using the Mail on the system, second is the Apple Mail, third is by changing the extension of EML and the fourth is a professional approach that is used to convert the EML file to PDF format that further can be viewed on Mac OS. All the approaches have a unique style of their own. Now, move further to know in detail:

First Approach:  Using the Mail Application

It’s common for a Mac user to have an embedded application called Mail. Using Mail Application on the Mac OS, you can open the EML folder. Follow the steps below: –

  • Initially, open that mail where EML files are present.
  • Then download EML files on the Mac PC.
  • Choose a specific .eml file and do a right-click on it.
  • Go to Open with >> Mail.
  • Choose the Move option and hit on the drop-down arrow to transfer the file into a specific folder.

So this is the manual approach to Open .eml file on Mac Mail. But this method only allows you to see text part of the EML file only, you will not be able to see the attachment with the file. 

Second Approach:  Using Apple Mail

If Apple mail is set up on your system then you can simply open the EML files on your Mac system.

  • Simply double click on the .eml file to open the email. 
  • Select the file and click on the space bar. It will open the file in preview mode.

Third Approach: By changing the file extension

Simply change the .eml extension as .mht (or MHTML). Double click on the file and it will get opened on the browser. It will work because it’s a MIME HTML file. Only the text part of the email will get opened, attachments still can’t be opened.

Fourth Approach: A professional way

you can use Mac EML Viewer utility. It saves the EML file as PDF and helps you open and read the EML files without any email clients like without Mac Outlook or Apple Mail. It also allows you to open all the attachments that other methods restrict. Therefore, this solves the query “How to Open .eml file on macOS?” quickly. A PDF file is universally accepted by any email clients so it is better to convert PST to a PDF file format. On any operating system, you can view the PDF file easily. 

Now, let us see steps to view EML file on Mac as PDF-

Steps to Open .eml Files on Mac as PDF 

  • Initially, download and Launch Mac EML Viewer.
  • Next, add recently downloaded EML files into it.
  • Choose the Saving option as PDF.
  • Now, choose Maintain Folder hierarchy option then continue.
  • Choose the Destination location of the File.
  • After this process of saving will start.

Wait until the process completes, once the EML file saved in the form of PDF format on Mac then you can easily view it with all the attachments. It is the easiest way for accessing the EML file on Mac OS. 

Freeware Mac EML Viewer Software Features:

  • User-friendly GUI and saves a lot of time.
  • Compatible with all versions of Mac Operating System.
  • Quickly Saves EML files into PDF and other email file formats.
  • It is a freeware tool to open single or multiple EML files.

Final Thoughts!!

This blog explained the EML files that can be created by many email clients. with “how to open eml file on macOS” with manual and a professional approach. Hopefully, you will find all the solutions to your concern.

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