Beginners Guide to Merge Outlook Archive Files with PST

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    December 16th, 2022
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Summary:- The Outlook Archive Files usually store messages and calendars whereas all the other data of MS Outlook is stored in a PST file. Sometimes, people have multiple Outlook Archive Files and want to combine them with Outlook PST. Therefore, here you can see various methods to merge Outlook Archive File with PST. You can make use of MS Outlook Application to merge these files or straightaway use the PST Merge Tool. Both methods will help you to combine multiple Outlook Archives together. 

It often becomes confusing for Outlook users to differentiate between multiple Outlook Archive Files. Therefore they prefer to merge them with the PST and gather all information in one place. Merging archive files of Outlook can be beneficial to get rid of confusion. On the other hand, having contacts and messages in one Outlook Archive File and other information in another Outlook PST muddles up all the information. So, the ultimate solution is to Merge Outlook Archive Files into one PST File.

Best Techniques to Combine Outlook Archives into One

Here are different ways that you can apply to merge multiple Outlook Data files into one with all email attachments and other information.

Outlook Archive Merging Through Outlook

You can combine multiple Archives by using MS Outlook. But you will have to create a blank PST file and then import the Online Archive Files to it. You can check out the steps to create a New PST file and then merge all the Archive Files into it.

  1. Go to the Home Tab and then click on the New Email Option.
  2. Now click on More Items and choose the Outlook Data File option.
  3. Give a Name to the New PST file and then save it.
  4. Your new PST file will be created and now you can merge other PSTs with it.
  5. For Combining the Archive Files with blank PST, click on the File Tab and choose the Open & Export Option.
  6. Click on the Import/Export option and then on the Import from another program or file option.
  7. In the next window, click on the Outlook Data File(.pst) option.
  8. Choose the Online Archive Files that you want to merge.
  9. You can even remove duplicates from the Outlook Archive Files while merging them with PST.
  10. The best option is to choose the Do not import duplicates option.
  11. After the completion of this process, your Outlook Archive Files will merge in PST.

Note:- By applying the above method, you can merge as many Outlook Archive Files as you want with PST.

Merge Outlook Archive Files through PST Merge Tool

There are two major drawbacks of the manual method, it needs a lot of technical expertise and you will have to go through a lengthy process. On the other hand, all the data will be merged by applying the manual method but the Automated Sysinfo PST Merge Tool has filters to merge only Emails, Contacts, Tasks, Contacts, journals, and Notes. It supports all the Outlook Archive Files created on any version of MS Outlook. If the versions are different, then the manual method might not work efficiently therefore, you will need the PST Merger Software. Moreover, it can Merge Multiple PST Files in Outlook with the help of this tool.

Steps to Combine Multiple Outlook Archives with PST

Here are some simple steps that will guide you to merge Outlook Archive files with PST. You can implement these steps and get your work done.

  1. Launch the Sysinfo PST Merge Tool and Click on the Add File Button.
  2. Choose the Online Archive Files that you are willing to merge with PST.Merge Outlook Archive Files
  3. Click on the Next button and choose the mailbox items that you want to merge.
  4. Choose either Join PST or Merge PST Options and click on Next.Merge Outlook Archive Files
  5. You are free to merge only Emails, Contacts, Tasks, Contacts, journals, or Notes. Choose any items depending on your needs.
  6. You have the option to merge Outlook Archive Files with a new PST or with an existing PST.Merge Outlook Archive Files
  7. Choose any option and click on the Join Button.Merge Outlook Archive Files

All the files of Outlook Archive will be combined and saved in a new or existing PST file.


So, you have two choices to make whether the manual method or an Automated Tool. Both the methods to merge Outlook Archive Files with PST have their own uniqueness and can be applied as per your needs. If you have a few Outlook Archive Files and you want to merge all the mailbox items then the manual method can be used. But for merging a large number of Outlook Archives and filtering mailbox items, you will need the PST Merge Tool.

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