DIY Guide On How To Remove Password From PDF Without Software

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    March 16th, 2018
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    March 6, 2021
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Do you have an Adobe PDF file which is password protected?

Have you forgotten or lost that password?

And now wondering, how to remove password from PDF without any software?

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If you are facing the same questions, then this article is for you.

PDF files are used heavily to send and share various documents, files with colleagues, clients and friends. PDF was invented by Adobe and now it is an all-season file format which is used by a lot of users. As it empowers the users to add images, texts, audios, videos, form fields, links and many more. The best feature is that you can even protect these files with a password for more security.

 However, there are situations, when you forgot or lost the password and that is when the whole dilemma starts.

I guess you might know how hard it is to recover a file if it is password protected?

And the same case goes for PDF files.

So if you have either lost or forgotten the password, then it is really a tough ask to remove password from PDF files.

Now you might be thinking, how to recover password protected PDF files?

So let me tell you, there are various online software and tools which are available online to remove passwords from PDF files. Unfortunately, most of these tools are paid.

However, today I am going to suggest you

Two Proven Methods To Recover Or Remove Password From PDF Without A Software
Remove Password From PDF Without Software

Remove Password From PDF Files Using Web Browser

This is one of the best techniques to recover password protected PDF files as you will just need your web browser to remove the password. So no need of paid tools or software applications to recover it.

The process of recovering the data is quite easy. You just have to open the file in the browser and then go to print and then downloading it from the print section.

  • Open the file in your browser by dragging and dropping the PDF files in a new tab.
  • Go to Print
  • Choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” and click on Print
  • It would download the file without any password

Remove Password From PDF Files Using Web Application

The main advantage of this method is that you can easily decrypt the PDF files just by using your mobile device or your tablet. However, there is one limitation of this method and that is decrypting large PDF files takes a lot of time.

There are several websites, which can remove password from PDF documents for free. No matter what platform or OS you use, you can easily recover password protected data from PDF files:

So let’s some of the most popular websites which can recover password protected PDF files:

  1. PDF Unlock
    PDF unlock is one of the most popular free web applications which lets you to recover PDF files which are password protected. You just have to drag and drop your PDF files from your system and click on ‘Unlock’. In addition to it, it also supports importing PDF files from cloud storage
  2. Unlock PDF
    Unlock PDF allow users to decrypt files instantly if they know the password. In addition, it also help users to remove passwords from PDF files which are weakly encrypted. The best part of this application is that you can even import PDF files from cloud storage.

However, if both the techniques don’t work the only way through which you can remove password from PDF files is using a good professional software.

One of the best application in removing passwords from PDF files is PDF Restriction Remover.

It is a 3rd generation tool, created primarily to decrypt password-protected PDF files. The advanced version of this software provides an efficient and safe way to remove passwords and any types of encryption from your PDF files. How to Password Protect A PDF Free With or Without Acrobat?

But there is a huge limitation of this application and that is, it doesn’t support Linux and MAC OS.
So this software only works on Windows OS.

Hope now you have a fair idea on how to remove password from PDF with & without software.

However, if you have any other method that you want to mention on this article, kindly mention it in the comment section.

Hope you liked this article.

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