How To Fix SQL Server Page Level Corruption?

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    January 31st, 2018
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In this blog, we discussed How to Fix SQL Server Page Level Corruption? We have also suggested Manual methods for data recovery and an alternate way through which you can restore the data loss.

SQL is short for Structured Query Language. SQL is a database programming language that is used for querying and editing information which is stored in a certain database management system. It includes database creation, deletion, fetching rows, modifying rows, etc.

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SQL database is one of the central databases that any user requires instead of the server. This SQL server is loaded with numerous advanced interface features which makes it very simple and user-friendly. But being a database sometimes its user also come across the very common problem of data corruption. It mainly occurs because of bugs. If corruption is related to SQL Server page corruption, then it becomes truly difficult to solve. SQL Server Page level corruption can damage the database contents and make them inaccessible. Moreover, even an administrator with complete rights cannot access them.

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Before directly jumping to the solution to repair and solve SQL Server page-level corruption, a user needs to understand the reason behind it.

Reasons behind Page Level Corruption in SQL Server Database

  1. The most common reason for database corruption is hardware malfunction or hardware failure.
  2. Whenever there are some internal issues in the SQL Server, then it results in corruption in SQL database.
  3. The unexpected shutdown of SQL Server Database.
  4. The page-level corruption in SQL Server can be due to virus intrusion also.

But opting for repairing or trying to resolve SQL database page level corruption, you first need to understand the basic reasons why this happens:

Hardware Malfunction

One of the major causes of Page corruption in SQL database is a hardware malfunction. If your hard disk is facing issues or you see any hardware errors.

Virus Infection

Even the infection caused by a virus is considered as a big cause for SQL Server page-level corruption. If your system has a virus in it, then there are great chances that your SQL server pages would get infected. So take care, while downloading software and attaching any hard drive to your system.

Interruption in Power Supply

Any kind of power shut down when your database is running may lead to page-level corruption. So you always have to ensure that when your SQL database is running, power supply remains regulated.

Updates or Patches

I guess we all know, the importance of updating your server with new and advanced patches in keeping your server healthy. Try to avoid installing updates that are unnecessary as they might cause corruption of SQL database at the page level.

How To Fix SQL Server Page Level Corruption?

However, in order to fix SQL Server page Level corruption problems, admin uses various techniques and strategies like as (1) Replication, disaster recovery plans, (2) Database monitoring, etc. But, there are some situations in which even admin is not able to resolve the issue. In SQL 2005 and above version, there is a feature called Page Checksum is used to detect the damage scale in the database. If the issue is not readable by SQL Server in the SQL database, then the complete restoration of the database is required. However, if there is minor corruption and lesser pages are infected, then DBA is advised to use DBCC utility.


The first, and foremost way to check database corruption is DBCC CHECKDB.

DBCC CHECKDB is a command that fixes the corruption issue in SQL database. It fixes the inconsistency in SQL server database by performing Database Consistency Checks.


The composition of DBCC CHECKDB command is given below:

Fix SQL Server Page Level by CHECKDB

Other Possible Solutions

There is also an alternative solution to handle Page level corruption in SQL database, a user may buy SysInfoTools MS SQL Database Recovery Software It supports all the versions of the SQL Database Server. Using these professional methods a user can easily recover and fix SQL Server Page Level Corruption.

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Some Noteworthy Features of MS SQL Database Recovery Software

  • Known to Performs MDF file recovery with Standard Mode and Advanced Mode.
  • Saves the recovered data as SQL Server database format or SQL Server compatible script format.
  • SQL Database Recovery tool,  repairs both corrupt MDF and NDF files of SQL database.
  • Enables preview of recovered data before saving them.
  • Support data types like the BLOB, image, XML and large page.

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