How to Forward AOL Mail to Yahoo Mail?

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    May 15th, 2021
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Summary:- In this article, I will guide you on how I forward my AOL Mail to Yahoo Mail, and you can do it too. The methods of email forwarding are simple and effective. Read the complete article carefully to learn everything about transferring emails from AOL Mail to Yahoo Mail.

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America Online or AOL is an American web portal or online service provider that offers various online services. It has an email service named AOL Mail. The AOL Mail was a prominent email client once but now has become outdated.

Below are some more reasons why you should migrate your emails from AOL Mail to Yahoo Mail.

Why Should You Forward AOL Emails into Yahoo Account?

Before learning the techniques to transfer AOL Mail to Yahoo Mail, one should know the cause for the migration. Below are the dominant reasons for shifting from AOL Mail to Yahoo Mail.

The biggest reason for the conversion of AOL Mail is that it does not provide the latest features. It has the same options from years that do not fulfill the modern user requirements. On the other hand, Yahoo Mail offers the latest features.
The AOL mail also exhibits various issues. It is because of the bugs and outdated algorithms. Users want a suitable email client having a good server connection, and Yahoo Mail is the appropriate option.
The last reason why everyone is leaving AOL Mail is that it has not released any updates in years. So, the email client can no longer protect users’ data from hackers.

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How to Forward AOL Mail to Yahoo Mail?

There are various ways to forward AOL mail, You can adopt either a manual method or a professional solution. The manual is best for those who have the technical knowledge and do not require additional software. However, the professional solution is ideal for new users.

  • Add AOL Emails to Yahoo Mail Account Directly
  • Direct Sending of AOL Emails to Yahoo Account

Manual Technique to Forwarding AOL Emails

The manual procedures are the easiest option for experienced users. There are following two manual techniques available for email forwarding.

Add AOL Emails to Yahoo Mail Account Directly

This method enables automatic Yahoo mail forwarding. You will receive all your incoming emails of AOL mail to your yahoo account. This feature is available in Yahoo mail, so you have to activate it in your yahoo account. Follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Click on the Gear icon in the top right corner.
  3. After that, select the More settings option.
  4. Now, choose the Mailboxes option from the left pane.
  5. Press the Add Mailbox button to import the mailbox data of another email account to Yahoo Mail.
  6. hit add mailbox button
  7. Choose the AOL option in the right pane.
  8. Enter your login details and press Next.
  9. A new wizard gets a pop-up on the screen.
  10. Click on the Agree button to allow yahoo to access your AOL mailbox.
  11. Finally, your AOL email account gets added to Yahoo Mail. Now, you will receive a copy of all the emails you receive on AOL Mail.

Direct Sending of AOL Emails to Yahoo Account

The other way to migrate AOL Mail to Yahoo Mail is by transferring one email at a time. This method is ideal when you have only a few emails on your yahoo account. You can follow the steps below to transfer the AOL emails folders to Yahoo Mail.

  • Login to your AOL account.
  • Click on the desired email you want to forward.
  • Now, press the forward icon in the top menu list.
  • After that, enter your Yahoo Mail ID in the To field.
  • Finally, press the Send button to forward the email.

These methods are suitable to migrate AOL Mail to Yahoo Mail, but they are not the best option. The above solutions have various drawbacks.

Limitations of Manual Methods

As we have seen that both the above methods are complicated and time-consuming, the manual steps are not a good option in all situations. You must have the basic technical knowledge to perform the procedure. Also, the manual techniques to forward my AOL Mail to Yahoo Mail have other limitations too.

  • The chances of data loss and file corruption are high in manual operations.
  • These methods are complicated, and new users can not perform the steps.
  • The second technique is time-consuming when you have a lot of emails in the mailbox.
  • Sometimes, you can not access the mailbox due to server issues.

Because of all the above reasons, it is ideal to use a professional tool to forward or export the AOL emails to your yahoo account.

Professional Approach to Forward AOL Emails to Yahoo

Sysinfo AOL Backup Tool is a fast, effective, and reliable tool to back up AOL Emails to your system. The software also migrates AOL to Gmail, Office 365, Outlook, and various email clients. Therefore, It is suitable to forward AOL Mail to Yahoo Mail using this tool. Also, the software has an interactive and easy-to-navigate user interface. Anyone can migrate emails without assistance.


I have described the two methods that I used to forward AOL Mail to Yahoo Mail. You can also follow them to transfer your emails. The first option is using the mailbox feature of Yahoo Mail, and the other method is forwarding a single email. The best and fastest solution is Sysinfo AOL Backup Tool, through which you can migrate AOL mail account data directly.

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