How to Backup AOL Emails to External Hard Drive

Are you looking for a way to backup AOL emails? If Yes, then this blog is affirmatively the correct choice to find all about dealing AOL mails.

Lets begin with some facts about AOL in brief.

AOL: AOL is America Online portal situated in New York City. It is further promoted by Verizon media. AOL giveaway variety of merchandise such as communication tools, subscriptions services, applications, AOL packages etc. Below-listed are some of the AOL Products:

  • Dial-up Internet access
  • AOL Mail
  • AOL Instant Messenger
  • Plans including safety kits, data security, etc.

Apart from being an American Portal, it is loaded with several issues. Some of them are listed in frequent AOL user queries. Due to such situations, the users feel the urge to move AOL emails in Hard Drive/PC.

Query 1: "Being an America Online service user, I faced sending/receiving mail issues in my account. Moreover, the mail account did not open the received attachment files in its portal. Then, how can I access AOL emails safely?"

Query 1: "As I opened my AOL account, all I could see was a blue screen along with unknown symbols. The screen did not comprise any information such as names, subject, and date. I tried searching for a remedial solution for the same but couldn’t find it. Can you help me out?"

If you are unable to access AOL emails/folders, then you can take a backup of AOL emails in your hard drive or move AOL emails to secure webmail clients.

Now, let’s move forward to the tips and tricks to Restore AOL emails.

Easy Tricks to Backup AOL Emails in Hard Drive Manually:

Trick 1: Save AOL email as PDF Via Print Messages Attribute

  • First, sign in to your AOL profile with the correct username and password.
  • AOL profile
  • Secondly, for migrating AOL emails, launch that message and hit More.
  • migrating AOL emails
  • Thirdly, redirect to the Drop-down list and tap Print Message.
  • Drop-down list
  • Now, in the following popup, hit the Change option.
  • Change option
  • Then, opt Save as PDF and hit the Save button to store AOL messages to the PC.
  • store AOL messages
  • Next, pick the desired location to save AOL emails to Hard Drive and Tap the Save button.
  • save AOL emails
  • Lastly, redirect to the destined location to view AOL emails.

Note: To migrate AOL messages to the hard drive, an individual has to perform separately for each email. This method will exclusively backup AOL email messages into PDF format.

Trick 2: AOL Mail Backup Using View Message Source

  • First, sign in to AOL account with the Username and Password.
  • sign in to AOL account
  • Secondly, to store AOL mail on a PC/ hard disk, then tap that message and hit More.
  • store AOL mail
  • Thirdly, in the Drop-down menu, tap View Message Source.
  • Drop-down

    View Message
  • Now, in the following Wizard, hold Ctrl + S keys and pick the desired location to store the mail.
  • desired location
  • Lastly, redirect to the location and replace the file format from txt to EML. Next, launch the file.
  • redirect to the location

Note: This method does not save the file by the subject name of the email. This may create confusion while accessing emails. It converts the email messages into EML file format and does not support batch conversion.

Trick 3: Know How to Export AOL Email Folders Using AOL Desktop Software

In this method, install the AOL desktop tool and run in on your local PC.

  • First, sign-in to America Online Account and tap the message you wish to replicate to the hard drive.
  • Secondly, redirect to the Save menu and then tap My PC.
  • Lastly, pick the folder in the Personal Filing Cabinet that you wish to replicate and press OK.

If this method does not provide you with a satisfactory result, then backup AOL Emails using the next method.

Trick 4: Save AOL email as PDF using a third-party application

If you are willing not to lose any crucial data using the above approaches. Then, try backing up AOL emails with the professional utility. One such exception is the AOL Email Backup Tool. Moreover, the utility is enhanced with astounding features that make the restoring process easy for a novice user.

Some distinct features of AOL Email Backup Utility

  • Restores AOL mailbox items like Sent Items, Inbox, and Deleted Items.
  • Download AOL mails in exclusive formats like MHTML, PNG,PST, MBOX, CSV, AOL, HTML, TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCM, etc.
  • Exclude replicated messages based on To, From, subject, bcc, body structure.
  • Download and Save AOL emails to Gmail, Hotmail, Office 365, Yahoo.
  • Enclosed with Pause and Resume buttons to monitor Backup process according to preference.
  • Saves AOL Email in Word file formats such as DOC, DOCM, PDF files for easy migration.

Wrapping It Up:

To Backup AOL emails using an appropriate approach is the best solution. Users can justify the best solution by comparing the methods based on maximum output possible. Moreover, it is recommended for an individual to apply a third-party solution for more accurate and precise results.

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