How to Fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc0e? – DIY Tricks

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    April 23rd, 2018
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Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client used by countless users all around the world. It provides you smart features and high-class performance. But on the other hand, it has a few drawbacks as well. Encountering error messages while using Microsoft Outlook is very common these days. Once in a while, you may encounter an Outlook error message(0x800ccc0e) which means there’s an issue with the Outlook client. Microsoft Outlook error code 0x800ccc0e is the most common one on your Windows PC, and you have no idea how to fix Outlook error 0x800ccc0e. The result, whenever you receive this error message, you’ll notice the slow performance of Microsoft Outlook. Also, you’re unable to send/receive emails as well as delete old email messages.

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The error message 0x800ccc0e may also appear in Microsoft Outlook Express and Windows Mail. The conflict between SMTP servers while using the email client is the primary reason for this error message. Sometimes you may receive this Outlook error message when you try to send email message during account configuration. Here are the crack and solution to fix Outlook error 0x800ccc0e code in this explained DIY.

fix Outlook error 0x800ccc0e

Most common reasons behind this Outlook error message

There might be various reasons behind the Outlook error 0x800ccc0e. I’ve listed few common ones below:

  • Incorrect email settings
  • ISP connection is incorrect
  • Computer system malfunction
  • Issues with Antivirus program
  • Faulty Outlook add-ins
  • Corrupt email files

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How to Fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc0e?

It’s very common to receive such error messages while using the Microsoft Outlook client. You might nearly find it impossible to crack this error messages. 0x800ccc0e is one such error which is inevitable, So in order to fix this Outlook error message, you must try the following DIY tricks:

# 1 – Check for Virus/Malware

Virus/malware is very harmful. It’s one of most common reasons behind almost every problem. Thus, you should always start with looking for the virus/malware on your system. Make sure your computer is perfectly fine, i.e. virus/malware free. You should use the Antivirus program to prevent virus/malware attacks. Also, you should use the built-in repair tool to find and repair the corrupt files in the registry.

# 2 – Disable Antivirus Program

Sometimes an Antivirus program can cause serious troubles. It can prevent the action of sending/receiving of emails, and it may cause other errors as well. Thus, it’s recommended that the Antivirus program should be disabled while sending/receiving email messages. If you’re receiving the Outlook error message 0x800ccc0e, you should disable the Antivirus program temporarily to check whether the error(Outlook Error 0x800ccc0e) is fixed or not.

# 3 – Disable Outlook Add-ins

Have you installed any Outlook add-in recently? Maybe that Outlook add-in is causing the error message. You should try to disable the add-in before sending/receiving email messages. If the error is resolved, this means the add-in you’re using is faulty. You should remove it.

# 4 – Check Email Settings 

Generally, the email providers perform a routine maintenance of the servers and add new settings. This will cause the unexpected changes in the email settings. It may happen that your email settings don’t work with the new changes the email provider has made. So you should check whether the email settings are correct or not. If they’re incorrect, correct them to fix Outlook error 0x800ccc0e.

# 5 – Delete Duplicate Accounts

If you have duplicate accounts, it may cause conflicts and lead to Outlook error message 0x800ccc0e. So make sure you have no duplicate accounts. To delete the duplicate accounts, follow these simple steps:

  • On the main menu, click the Tools tab.
  • Now click Accounts and navigate to the Mail tab.
  • Select the duplicate email account, and then click the Remove button.

Now restart Microsoft Outlook and check whether the error is resolved or not.

# 6 – Repair Outlook Client

Maybe the Outlook installation is corrupt, and that’s why you’re receiving this error message. Luckily, there’s a built-in option to repair Outlook installation. You should repair Outlook client and check if this can fix the problem.

# 7 – Repair Outlook Data File

This is the final solution you can try. Maybe the Outlook data file is corrupt. So you should try to repair Outlook data file, i.e. either manually or by using a 3rd party tool. The Inbox Repair tool scanpst.exe utility is a built-in tool that can repair Outlook data file. In a case of severe corruption, you should use a professional solution like PST Repair tool


As discussed earlier, that Error 0x8ooccc0e code is one of the most common issues faces by Microsoft Outlook users. This blog explains all about the cause of error message and DIY tricks to fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc0e. Hope you have got your answers here.

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