How to Export Emails from Office 365 to PST Outlook?

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Office 365 and Outlook are the most widely used email applications of Microsoft. However, due to some reasons, many users want to export Office 365 mailbox to PST. With the increasing popularity of the cloud, users are exporting their data to cloud-based Office 365. But, have you ever wonder if users lost or misplaced their entire emails from Office 365 account. In such a case, they need to take the backup of their data. Through this technical guide, we will be discussing methods to export emails from Office 365 to PST. 

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Why We Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST?

There are several reasons responsible for exporting emails from Office 365 mailbox to PST. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • By migrating Office 365 in the PST file, the user can save office archive mailbox to local disk and subsequently work as a preference.
  • By exporting Office 365 to Outlook PST, the user can reduce the size of Office 365 by keeping back up of Office 365 mailbox in PST file format.
  • In the cloud platform, there are more chances of data loss regarding account taping, network packet analysis, hacking, etc. Hence, to protect data, taking a backup of Office 365 emails is the right choice.

Export Emails from Office 365 to PST using the Manual Method

Follow the given below procedure carefully to migrate emails from Office 365 to PST file:

  1. First of all, log into Office 365 with admin details.
  2. After that, click on the Admin Center, then click on Exchange.
  3. In the Exchange Admin center, go to Permissions > admin roles and select Discovery Management.
  4. Under the Discovery Management, add Mailbox Import Export role, add yourself via using the plus button and click on Save.
  5. Then get back in admin center >> navigate to the Compliance Management and select for in-place eDiscovery & hold.
  6. You will see the + sign. Click on it to make a new search query by giving the name and description of the search query. Click Next to continue.
  7. Then in the Mailboxes, choose for any of the options as per your need and then click Next.
  8. In the search query, give the details for searching items and then click Next.
  9. Now, under the In-Place Hold settings, you can perform in-place holder of Search items.
  10. Click on the Compliance management and hit on the arrow button to export the Office 365 emails to PST. Now, it will download the PST Export Tool to migrate the PST tool.
  11. To save the exported PST file, you can browse the location in eDiscovery PST Export Tool. Then click on the Start button.
  12. It will ask you to give the Office 365 credentials to achieve the process. Click Close once the process gets completed.
  13. Now, you can view the PST file by adding it to an existing Outlook profile in MS Outlook.

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Drawbacks of Manual Approach:

There are certain limitations of the manual approach like:

  • The manual way for exporting office 365 mailbox to PST is lengthy and moreover takes a lot of time.
  • Another drawback is we cannot export selective data like emails, calendars, contacts altogether.
  • No filter items will be provided to export items.
  • The manual method requires technical expertise for the proper conversion. 

Third-Party Solution to Export Emails from Office 365 to PST:

Steps to Import EMails from Office 365 Mailbox to PST

  • Run the Office 365 Export Tool as an administrator.
  • open office 365 tool
  • Now from the window Click on the Backup option.
  • click on backup
  • Login with Office 365 login ID Password.
  • login in credential
  • Choose the Backup option from the list and Tick on the Next button.
  • click nextr
  • Check the folders from the tree that you want to export.
  • check folder
  • Select PST from the drop-down list of Saves/Backup/Migrate As options.
  • select pst
  • Try the prominent features of the software.
  • pick required feature
  • Pick the Path To Save the resultant file and HIt on the Convert button.
  • select path to save
  • Now download report of the conversion process.
  • download report

As there are some limitations or disadvantages of the manual method, it is a challenging task for non-technical users to achieve such a lengthy and complicated task. Therefore, it is suggested to go for a third-party tool such as Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool. The utility has no requirement to have the technical knowledge to use it. Thus, users can also operate the tool efficiently to export Office 365 mailbox as PST format for any MS Outlook edition such as Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.

Bottom Lines:

In this blog, we have explained how to export emails from Office 365 to PST Outlook using the manual method as well as the third-party tool. It is quite tricky for non-technical users to opt for a manual way that needs technical knowledge. So here, we have recommended a professional solution, which is reliable and easy to use.

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