Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent SQL Server Database from Corruption

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    March 5th, 2019
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    July 12, 2022
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Everyone must be aware of the bitter truth that no file is fully immune to corruption. Similarly the MDF files on the SQL server are also very sensitive and they also get corrupted.

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Have you ever thought that why the MDF files and the SQL server gets corrupted?

What measures can you take to stop such issues?

I will discuss the entire Do’s and Don’ts to prevent Database from corruption in SQL Server. If you follow the do’s and don’ts then there are very rare chances that your SQL server ever becomes corrupted.

Do’s to Prevent SQL Database from Corruption

  1. Consistent Backup- Always create a backup of SQL Database files. If by any chance your database file gets corrupted, you can easily restore it from the backups. This maintains continuity in the process although you face any kind of problem in the middle of your business. You have a backup and you can get back the MDF files from it.
  2. Add Cron Jobs- Another way to maintain database security is to use Cron Jobs. In this, you can schedule the time and repair anomalies in the database automatically. You just have to define the time intervals and the job will be done automatically.
  3. Systematic Updates-Time to time update of the SQL server is very necessary. You must update the database whenever any new version is introduced. You must create scripts to identify queries of the slow running of the Database. Sometimes the lag in speed can also make the SQL Database corrupted.
  4. Avoid Forced Shutdown- Many users close the SQL database server in the middle of the saving process so this is the major cause of corruption. You must wait for the system to complete the whole process and then after that close the file. Also, see that no one is still connected to the server.
  5. Regular Checking of Disk Space and File Size-In the beginning the file size is not an issue. But once the server gets crowded with MDF files then there are chances that the SQL Server can get corrupted. So regular cleaning of the unwanted files on the server is mandatory otherwise you have to face the consequences.
  6. Check Hardware and Software Regularly– Servicing of hardware on the regular interval of time can avoid hardware failures and bugs errors. Thus ultimately this prevents SQL Database Corruption. Keep an eye on the software as well because external viruses and malware can make the SQL server corrupted.

Don’ts to Prevent Database from Corruption in SQL Server

  1. Never Restart SQL Server– Everyone believes that by restarting any device all the issues can be fixed but every time it doesn’t work. If the SQL Server is unable to open and you restart it, then there are chances that your whole data on the server may get corrupted. So please avoid restarting SQL database during corruption.
  2. Avoid Updates during Corruption– Sometime you might think that the updates will resolve the corruption but the things will not work accordingly. Ultimately it will increase your problem and leads to severe corruption of the SQL database. The old file will also become incompatible with the higher version
  3. Don’t use Repair Option repeatedly– The DBCC CHECKDB option obviously helps you to repair SQL Database server but it can also lead to loss of some crucial data. If you have good knowledge about this option then only apply it on the damaged SQL Server otherwise don’t use it blindly.
  4. Never Close SQL Server Forcefully- If you found that the SQL server is corrupted then never try to shut it down forcefully. This can lead to a major loss of data which can never be restored by any means. I know user gets panic and try to close it but please avoid doing so.


Well, I have told you that how can you make your SQL server corruption free and the things to avoid if you find your SQL server is corrupted. I can guarantee that you can easily follow the do’s and don’ts to prevent database corruption in SQL server. All the things depend on you that how you manage them. One more tip I can give you additionally, if ever your SQL server files get corrupted you can deploy SysInfoTools SQL Server Database Recovery Software. This tool is one of the best utility to recover server database inappropriately.

I hope you like this article as it has an ample of Do’s and Don’ts that prevent your SQL database from Corruption.

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