Data Loss: Differentiate Between Logical and Physical Data Loss

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    August 27th, 2015
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In computers, data loss is certainly an unaffordable situation for computer users. Data loss is the result of a fault in hardware or software due to any transmission, storage or processing failure. It is divided into two separate parts, such as Logical data loss and Physical data loss. See the infographic shown below to know more about the types of data losses, their reasons, symptoms, and their fixes.

How can we Differentiate Between Logical Vs Physical Data Loss

Look up to the Infographic below that explains the Logical Vs Physical Data Loss:

Differentiate Between Logical Vs Physical Data Loss

Data No Longer Accessible:

Logical Data: Due to deletion, partition corruption, partition deletion, format, reinstall, virus etc.

Physical Data: Due to storage media is no longer operational.

Data Loss Repairing:

Logical Data : Data loss repair in logical data is very easy. It is recoverable without drive disassemble.

Physical Data: Due to the complexity of the process, most physical damage cannot be repaired by the users.

Repairing Cost

Logical Data Loss: $200 to $400

Physical Data Loss: $700 to $1000

Recovering possibilities

Logical Data: 

  • Core system programs restoration
  • Detection of viruses
  • Clean the virus
  • Boot record report
  • Program restoration

Physical Data:

  • Repair translator and adaptive
  • Transplant of platter
  • Reconstruct burn traces
  • Voice coil motor repair
  • Component replacement

Issue Occurs

Logical Data: 

  • OS not found
  • Disk boot failure
  • Files corrupt
  • Files were deleted or moved
  • RAID configuration lost
  • RAID drives are offline

Physical Data:

  • Clicking
  • Grinding
  • Not spinning
  • Disasters
  • Fire damage
  • Controller failure


Now, you know the difference between logical and physical data loss. Many users think that both the data loss are the same but there is a lot of difference between them. I hope now you can easily point that what is Logical Data Loss and what is Physical Data loss. I have illustrated all the difference with the examples for better understanding of the users.

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