Five Best Data Recovery Tips To Avoid Data Corruption

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    August 24th, 2015
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Generally, Data Corruption refers to a situation of receiving errors in computer data and files during writing, reading, storage, transmission, or processing. Due to corruption, a computer file starts producing unexpected results if it is tried to be accessed by the computer system or any specific application. Data corruption is divided into 2 parts i.e. undetected (silent data corruption), and Detected (it may be permanent or temporary). Therefore in this article, I’ll share some data recovery tips which will help you to restore all the data from a file back into original form.

Data corruption and data recovery tips

Before telling you the tips, you must understand the data corruption problems, causes, symptoms and its statistics. I will be also telling you some strategies which you can implement in your day to day working in order to avoid data corruption.

What are the main causes of data loss or corruption?

The main causes are human activities, hardware and software errors. There are few more reason behind that

  • Improper shutdowns
  • Failure to eject the external device
  • Bad programming
  • Natural disasters
  • Malware attacks
  • Cyberattacks
  • Software conflict
  • Dust and water on the surface of a drive

Common signs of data corruption:

  • Files and folders are relocated or missing
  • Invalid file format
  • Files are renamed
  • Modifies file permissions and attributes
  • Slow disk operation

Strategies to avoid data loss:

  • Immediate troubleshoot problems when they occur
  • Regularly use a comprehensive backup and recovery solution
  • Educate yourself
  • Routine maintenance
  • Take routine back-ups
  • Avoid unexpected quits
  • Use the latest and greatest version of the application
  • Upgrade hardware regularly
  • If necessary, use data recovery tools

Five Best Data Recovery Tips

Know Your Needs– Before you recover or try to recover your data, you must identify the priority of your data. You should first recover those data which are important for you and leave the unnecessary ones. Once you have systematically analyzed the importance of data, then recover them from the files.

Identify the Risks– Analyzing the risk is also important while you are recovering the data because in some recovery process you might lose your data. Therefore, if you are ready to bear the uncertainties and risks then only perform the data recovery process.

Assess Your Data Importance– You must know the importance of your data. If your crucial data is corrupted then only you should move to the recovery stage otherwise try some alternative methods to recover less needed data.

Research for Recovery Methods– You have to make a research on the web that which techniques would be most effective in recovering the data. You must also analyze whether you are going for a free method or a paid method for recovering files.

Speculate the Consequences– Finally, you must speculate the loss that might occur after the recovery. When the recovery process is unsuccessful then the user loses some of his crucial data. Therefore the loss speculation in the data recovery tips plays the major part.


Well, you are familiar with Data Corruption and Data Recovery. You know all the causes, symptoms, and measures to deal with the data corruption issues. I have also given you some data recovery tips that you should follow before recovering any data from a corrupt file. I hope you have understood all the major points and will not face any issue while dealing with data corruption issues.

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