How to Convert PST to CSV Format using a Manual Trick?

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    November 28th, 2013
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Summary:- Microsoft Outlook is most widely used personal information management email client application. It comes included with Microsoft Office Suite free of cost. The application helps users to maintains their data as a Personal Storage Table (PST) file. But occasionally, you might need to convert PST to CSV format (Comma-Separated Values ) and saves your emails as contacts or calendar in the form of spreadsheet.

CSV is a file format of Microsoft Excel that contains data which are set separated by commas. Sometimes an Outlook user needs to open .pst file in MS Excel. But it cannot be opened in Excel without converting into CSV format.

Luckily MS Outlook supports a feature that helps you export your .pst file data into CSV format. It is known as Import feature.

Procedure to Convert PST to CSV Format in Outlook

Follow the steps and perfrom the conversion of Outlook personal file into contacts format:

1. Launch MS Outlook program on your system.

2. Click on File tab > Open > Import.

3. The Import and Export wizard will open. Select Export to a file and click on Next.

4. Export to a File: select Comma Separated Values (Windows) and click on Next.

5. Now select the folder you want to export to a CSV file and click on Next.

6. Click on Browse and select a location and type a name for new CSV file. Click on Next.

7. Click on Finish.

8. Select the date in between you want to export the data into CSV file. Click on OK.

9. The Import and Export process in progress. Please wait until it gets completed.

The selected folder from the .pst file will be exported to CSV file at user-defined location. Check it.

This is the only procedure that you can opt for to convert PST file into CSV format. But if you want to save your pst contacts on you computer system and access it then you can also change it as vCard format.

Stardard Electronic Bussiness Card

vCard  os VCF is contact data format, with which you can transfer your contact data very easily on other computer or share within your bussiness. It is said to superior to CSV  file format and stores the textual and numeric data,, contact photos, and audio clips. vCard files widely support e-mail services. Therefore, there is no data loss during any transfer of contacts when saved as vCard.

The most appropriate method to convert your PST in to vCard that is VCF format with the help of SysInfo PST to VCF Converter Software.

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