Convert PST to CSV- Check Top 2 Conversion Methods in 2023

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    November 28th, 2013
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Summary:-Outlook stores all its contacts in a PST File but when a user needs to import those contacts to any mobile phone then he needs to convert Outlook PST File to CSV. A CSV file is easily accessible and can be imported to mobile phones with contacts. Here you can explore some easy methods to convert PST to CSV with and without Outlook. If you don’t want to use MS Outlook then you can straightaway use the PST Converter Software.

Methods to Convert Contacts from PST to CSV without Outlook

You will need Automated Software to convert Outlook PST to CSV without Outlook. But if you are willing to do the same using Outlook then there is no need for the professional tool.

Here are two methods to change PST to CSV using MS Outlook and without using MS Outlook.

  • Use Sysinfo PST Converter
  • Move PST Contacts to CSV Through MS Outlook

Use Sysinfo PST Converter

The Sysinfo PST Converter Software is a multifunctional software that can easily change Outlook PST File to CSV. You can convert all types of PST files to CSV created on any version of MS Outlook by using this software.

Steps to Convert PST to CSV without Outlook

  • Download>>Install>>Launch PST Converter on your system.
  • Choose the PST File.
  • Mark Contacts and PST File Items.
  • Choose the saving format as CSV.
  • Define the Destination Path.
  • Click on the Convert Button.
  • The PST File will be converted to CSV.

The above method is simple to follow and doesn’t need MS Outlook to be installed on the PC. Even if you have an alone PST file received from anyone else then also you can convert it to CSV file format.

If you have MS Outlook Application then we would not suggest you put your money into buying the automated software. With the help of the MS Outlook application, you can convert PST to CSV with all the Outlook contacts for free.

Move PST Contacts to CSV Through MS Outlook

Here, you can check the steps to migrate PST to CSV using MS Outlook.

  • Launch the MS Outlook application.
  • Go to the File Tab and click Open & Export.
  • Then click on the Import/Export option.
  • Click on Export to a file >> Next.
  • Select Comma Separated Values>>Next.
  • Choose the folder to export and click Next.
  • Then hit Browse and select the path for the exported file.
  • After implementing the above steps click on Finish.

Your PST file will be converted to CSV and you’ll not need any automated software. This method is cost-effective and you will not have to spend any extra bucks.

Advantages of Converting PST through Outlook

  • You can implement this method without spending any money.
  • It will convert PST to CSV Free of Cost.
  • The conversion will be done through Outlook and it is Safe to Use.
  • This method is suitable if you have a few PST Files.

Disadvantages of Converting PST through Outlook

Due to the following disadvantages of the manual method people prefer to convert PST to CSV without MS Outlook and through an automated tool.

  • You can’t change multiple PST files to CSV through this method whereas it is possible through the automated tool.
  • It also needs a lot of technical expertise to be implemented.
  • There might be a problem in moving PST files to CSV if the file is too big.
  • Sometimes all the contacts are not moved from PST to CSV using Outlook.


Now you know how to convert PST to CSV without Outlook. You are free to opt for any method depending on the number of PST files you have. If you have a few PST files then you can use the MS Outlook Application for the PST to CSV conversion. But for multiple PST files, automated software would be the best option.

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