How to Convert Outlook Email Folder into a Single PDF Document

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    September 10th, 2018
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    September 8, 2022
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At times we require accessing of Outlook emails in PDF file. We also need our attachments of emails in a single PDF document. The benefits of combining emails and attachments in PDF documents are that you can easily view and print any page of the document. Therefore we will discuss some methods to convert Outlook email folder into a single PDF document. Though there is no direct solution for this. Let’s find the possible solutions like convert multiple Outlook emails into PDF file.

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The two methods to convert Outlook email to PDF is discussed in this article;

  1. The manual method
  2. SysInfo PST to PDF Converter

As in the above discussion we are familiar that there is no direct solution available to transfer Outlook folders into one PDF. Yet, you can follow the below manual method.

Manual Method to Convert Outlook Email Folder to PDF

You can perform the saving of Outlook emails as PDF. To accomplish this there is an inbuilt utility in Outlook. In this method, you have to select each email individually to save in PDF format. Follow the below steps to save emails as PDF document(as per the selected Outlook email).

Manual step1 to save pst as pdf

1. First, open Microsoft Outlook.

select to save email as pdf

2. Select an mail which has to be saved as PDF.

convert outlook email as PDF file

3. Then, do the right click on the Mail and click on Print.

4. In the print window, change the settings for it as PDF document.

This method will take a long time to save all emails as a PDF as there is no option of selecting all emails at once. However, it is not the preferred solution to convert Outlook email folder into a single PDF document. To overcome this problem you can go for an automated method which can save your time.

Automated Method to Convert Outlook Email in PDF

This method is useful when you have to convert Outlook Email folders into a single PDF file. In contrast to the manual approach, you don’t have to select each email. By using this suggested PST to PDF converter tool convert outlook mail items into PDF format.

Follow the following steps:

  1. Launch and open SysInfo PST to PDF Converter software on the system.
  2. Click on Browse tab to open the PST file.
  3. Now, select any recovery mode from Standard, Advance & Deep mode. Click on OK to continue.
  4. The scan process will get completed. Click on OK in the pop-up message box.
  5. Click any of the emails to preview it in the File Preview section. Select the folder from the left file structure panel and click on the Save button to save it.
  6. Browse the location of the folder to save the file in PDF format.
  7. Tick mark the checkboxes shown below for saving the email columns like to, from, subject, and date.
  8. After, the completion of saving process clicks on OK.
The manual and automated process


Probably, you have found the solution of “how to convert Outlook email folder into a single PDF document”. The two methods are explained here manual and automated. Want to Import PST Files to Office 365 Account? read here. The manual method is a long process method, whereas the automated method does the fast conversion and combine Outlook emails into a single PDF document. Whereas the manual method only save or converts a single email of outlook as .xps format that easily readable as PDF document.

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