Best 5 Online Windows Data Recovery Software For 2021-22

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    September 19th, 2018
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Summary:- Data loss is a pathetic situation that hurts a user so much. Mainly the loss of photos, videos, important office documents, etc. that are enriched with your precious memories and work. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot get back your data. It is possible to recover all your data until you discover the loss soon enough. You can recover your data from corrupt hard drives manually by making some efforts and if it doesn’t work then you’ll have to use Windows data recovery software. There are various well-suggested best free online data recovery software for Windows OS which helps you in recovery corrupted and even deleted data from your system.

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By using any of this software, you can successfully recover your precious data from inaccessible hard disk drives as well as volumes of internal and external hard drives that contain both FAT and NTFS file system in Windows of 32bit or 64bit.

Reasons Where We Need Online Windows Data Recovery

Here, I am listing some common reasons that cause data loss

  • Accidental deletion of important data files while deleting some unwanted data
  • During partition, the drives get corrupt requiring formatting of data that results in data loss
  • Improper installation or crash of Windows OS

At this point, Windows data recovery software comes into play. Users can choose between free and paid solutions according to their needs. To help users to make an informed decision, I have compiled a list of best free online Windows data recovery software considering whether the software can recover RAW, Corrupted or Formatted Hard Disk drive, its ability to recover corrupted from different file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS etc., let’s discuss top 5 Windows data recovery software.

The 5 Best Free Online Windows Data Recovery Software

1. SysInfoTools Software

The SysInfo Windows data recovery software offered by SysInfo is one of the most authentic and reliable software tools among the users. It is equipped with advanced features to perform recovery of corrupted data from hard disk drives as well as volumes of internal and external hard drives. The GUI is so interactive and intuitive that even a non-technical user can easily use the application.

Some of its advanced features are:

  • Restores maximum possible data from corrupt hard drives
  • Two modes for scanning corrupt hard drives i.e. Standard and Advanced.
  • RAW recovery mode is enabled to recover maximum possible data.
  • Preview of output data which is recovered is shown in a tree
  • Depending upon FAT or NTFS file system, there are multiple recovery modes.
  • Strongly compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

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2.  Undelete 360

It is also built on a fast and reliable algorithm which enables the users to recover the lost and corrupted data.

Here are some of the features of this awesome Windows data recovery tool as:

  • It consists of a data-wiping tool, a Hex Viewer which enables to preview files before recovery.
  • Compatible with a variety of devices.
  • Recovers recently deleted files in less time compared to other free data recovery tools.
  • Also recovers files such as HTML, AVI, DOC, JPEG, JPG, MP3, PNG, GIF, etc.                                   

3.  Recuva

Recuva is also in the top 5 list of the best data recovery software. It is one of the widely used Windows data recovery software. This data recovery tool has the ability to restore files from hard disk drives, DVD or CDs, external drives and memory cards.

Data Recovery software

Some of its features are.

  • Ability to recover files from damaged or newly formatted files
  • Deep scan mode.
  • File preview before final recovery of data
  • Supports both FAT and NTFS file system

 4.  Pandora Recovery

It is also one of the authentic tools for Windows data recovery. Pandora’s data recovery tool has a lot to offer to the users.

Some of the features of this tool are:

  • Can recover hidden, archived, encrypted and compressed files
  • Preview deleted data files of only certain types i.e. image and text files without performing recovery
  • Featured with the recovery of deleted files from FAT and NTFS formatted volumes
  • Its interface is very user-friendly and simple for both technical as well as non-technical users.

5.  SoftPerfect Data Recovery

This Windows data recovery software is ideal for those users who don’t want the hassles of installing software. It’s a tiny solution that offers a minimalistic interface.

It’s some of the advanced features are:

  • Set up size is just 0.5MB
  • Easy to use
  • Includes search bar
  • Multiple languages available

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Bottom line

In my opinion, the above-mentioned list of the best free online data recovery software is the top user’s choice software for instant recovery of corrupted or deleted data from hard drives on Windows Operating System. You can also use some other software that is good to go but with a lot of competition and too many products with similar features, it is very difficult to find reliable and authentic Windows data recovery software. I have shared my personal experience after some research and I recommend the above-mentioned software. If you have any suggestions regarding the same, feel free to comment.

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