10 Common Hard Drive Errors & Their Solutions – Save Your Data Files

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    June 26th, 2019
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As we know, Hard drive is considered as one of the essential building blocks of the computer system since, without it, the system can’t work. It can store a large amount of data that can be accessed at any time. However, sometimes there is Probability of losing the critical data stored in them because of hard disk failure.

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In some cases, you won’t even realize something went wrong until it stops responding or starts making strange noises. In this article, we will discuss a few common hard drive errors with their reasons.

Warning Signs & Symptoms of Hard Drive Failure

  • Weird noises such as scratching from the drive.
  • The repetitive program crashes.
  • Unexpected Error while running software.
  • Abnormal behavior from the system.
  • In some cases, a blue screen will appear on the system, also termed as the Blue Screen of Death.
  • The computer won’t start.
  • The computer tries to boot but gives a “file not found” error.

Different Hard Drive Error Messages

  • Error 0X80071AC3 ‘The Volume is Dirty.’

windows error

When attempting to access the files or copy files to a disk, if Windows is incapable of reading the data on the disk or writing data to the drive, it will pop up an error code 0x80071AC3. This error usually affects all currently supported versions of the Windows OS, and quite often occurs on external data storage disks such as external drives and USB sticks.

Reason – This error usually caused by anything from bad sectors on the disk. The abrupt system shutdown due to power loss can also create bad sectors. This error can also be caused by ReadyBoost functionality, damaged/ obsolete device drivers, computer glitches, or bad sectors on external devices.

  • Hard Disk 3F0 Error

hard disk error

Most of the time, the error ‘boot device not found error might pop up. And it occurs suddenly, without allowing you to recover the loss.

Reason – This boot error occurs because your hard disk has broken down and no longer in working condition. Moreover, this error can also be caused by damaged MBR or boot sector on the hard drive or bad SATA controller and can wipe out the entire drive.

  • Disk Error Code 301

windows sd error

This hard Drive Error is an unexpected error depicting failure in your hard disk drive (HDD) or the solid state drive (SSD). This error usually pops up when you start your laptop or system.

Reason – There may be numerous factors that may cause this error like Virus attacks, abrupt shutdown, wrong installation/Uninstallation, drive connection issues, and corrupt drive partitions.

  • Disk Error Occurred Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to Restart

hard disk error

This error occurs while booting up the systems and can stop the boot process, and Whenever user Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to Restart, they encounter the same error again and again.

Reason – Major reasons for this error message are virus attack, invalid MBR configuration, Faulty hard drive, the establishment of Windows programming, faulty hard drive, defilement in the Windows registry, etc.

  • Hard Drive “Error Code 0142”

hard drive failure

This error depicts that your system has encountered a hard failure, and in most cases, you may require to replace the faulty hard drive.

Reason – The error occurs most probably due to CPU failure, the hard disk is unable to clear a self-test, clattered OS, etc. However, If the drive is still under warranty, call the manufacturer and get it exchanged.

  • Error Code BIOHD-8

windows file error

BIOHD-8 is a SMART drive error code and usually occurs when SMART thinks your drive is failing and can’t be connected appropriately.

Reason – Virus Attacks, corrupt download or incomplete installation of Windows, Degradation in Windows Registry can cause this error message.

  • Error “The Parameter is Incorrect”

parameter is incorrect

This error message makes the drive unreachable and forbids the user from transferring the files from the external disk to different locations.

Reason – A sudden power surge, ejecting a Hard drive from the system in an inappropriate way, the existence of bad sectors might be the possible reasons for this error.

  • “Request Failed Due to Fatal Device Error”

common hard disk error

This error makes your device inaccessible. One may experience this error while trying to transfer the files, and all of the sudden windows declines to acknowledge the input or output devices.

Reason – This error can occur due to glitches in the system hardware, improper configuration, insecure connections, etc.

  • Error“ Disk is Full”

hard disk is full

Once in a while, we encounter an error that says that drive is running out of space, or the primary disk is full. As a result, some applications stop working appropriately, and eventually; it will crash the system.

Reason – Presence virus/ malware, earlier Windows installation, pages files, temp files, and other system files may have occupied the space in the disk.

  • The hardware device is not connected (Code 45)

drive failure

This error occurs when different peripheral devices are connected to a computer like USB, mouse, etc. This error indicates that Windows is not identifying the attached hardware device.

Reason – This error might occur due to manufacturing faults, power surge, corrupt files, alteration in Windows registry, etc.

Finding a Possible Solution

Whenever you experience these errors, you must reach data recovery experts to escape the permanent loss of data and being a data recovery expert I would strongly suggest you Sysinfo Windows Data Recovery Tool which not only fixes the errors but also ensures no data loss. This software allows the user to download the demo version to examine the features of this software. However, due to a limitation, the saving function is not available in the demo version. To save all relevant data, you can go for a licensed version. You can visit the below link to download the full version.

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As we all know, hard drive failure is unpredictable and can occur due to various issues such as physical damage, Malware attacks, overheating, electrical failure, human glitches, or manufacturing errors. Thus, it is vital for us to keep an eye on these warning messages, clicking noises, and overheating problems as prevention is always better than cure, and you can try this tool to save your essential data. I believe this article would be beneficial to resolve your queries regarding Hard disk errors.

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