Methods to Access Secured NSF Files of Lotus Notes!

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    July 29th, 2010
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    March 2, 2022
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Summary:- This blog is concerned about the ways to access secured NSF files of Lotus Notes. Here, I will be discussing various techniques to remove password security from NSF files. Before jumping onto the solution, you ought to know about NSF files and Lotus Notes. So, here we go.

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UnAuthorized Error While Accessing NSF file

Lotus Notes is amongst the most popular email clients used in organizations and saves all its emails in NSF database files. It has an attribute named Access Control List (ACL) using which administrators can easily set access rights to a particular NSF database file.

Using this attribute file owner manages the NSF file of Lotus Notes and applies security on the NSF file so that any unauthorized user cannot access the file.

If you encounter an error message like:

You are not authorized to access that database.”


“You are not authorized to perform that operation in Lotus Notes.”

This error occurs only because you are not authorized to access that particular NSF file or strong security applied to the database file by its author or administrator. This is basically done to avoid any hampering of NSF files or restricting any unauthorized usage of the file. The administrator has the only right to deal with files, not anyone else. Therefore, when any other user tries to access that particular NSF files, the aforementioned errors are flashed.

If any of the users receive these error messages or are unable to access the NSF files then here are some important solutions for that.

Method #1: Access Secured NSF Files of Lotus Notes Manually

Follow the given below steps to access the secured NSF files or to remove password security from it.

  • Firstly, you need to replace the id with the corresponding of NSF.
  • After that, in the Lotus Notes client, open the NSF file that you want to access.
  • Select View >> Advanced Menus.
  • Now, choose the file which you want to access File >> Application >> New Copy.
  • Select the new location of the NSF file and enter a new name.

Note: Keep in mind to uncheck the checkbox i.e, Access Control List

  • Click on the OK button to create a new NSF file. Now, you can open the new NSF file without any password.

Method #2: Professional Solution to Remove Password Security from NSF Files

If the manual technique to access NSF file fails then the only solution SysInfo NSF local security remover. This tool will help you to deal with the above-mentioned errors and provide access to protected NSF database files.

The tool quickly removes all the local security of NSF files of Lotus notes and provides instant access of them. No technical skills are required to use this tool. Anyone, whether it is a tech-savvy or a novice user, can use this software without requiring any prior experience and technical knowledge. I would recommend you to try the free demo version of this software to understand it’s working in detail. Users can even access secured NSF Files of Lotus Notes

Bottom Lines

Above, I have discussed the methods to access secured NSF files of Lotus Notes. In addition, I have provided a brief concept of the NSF file and why it becomes inaccessible. As the manual technique is not fully reliable, you can opt for the professional solution on which you can completely rely. Now, it’s your call to make your decision. Hope this blog helps to resolve your query.

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