Lotus Notes Archive Error

"You are not Authorized to Perform that Operation"

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If you are facing “you are not authorized to perform that operation” error in IBM Lotus notes. Then here are the solutions for you. Just read this blog carefully to get the solutions. This blog consists of several sections in which the first section is all about the error, second is describing the reasons, then a solution to solve this “you are not authorized to perform that operation lotus notes.

What does “you are not authorized to perform that operation” Error means?

Notes Storage Format or NSF file is a server file that is used by users of Lotus Notes to save messages, notes, contacts, calendars, and other objects. Lotus Notes has an embedded feature called the Access Control List (ACL) which is a list of permissions attached to an object. Using this list, for local users to access a specific file, the administrator may apply a wide range of access rules. The NSF file holder is granted the privilege of accessing or handling the NSF file by applying certain access rules to NSF files. Therefore, if any user who does not have access rights to that particular NSF file tries to open the file, a message will appear as shown below:

Lotus Notes Error - “you are not authorized to perform that operation”

Common reasons behind “you are not authorized to perform that operation Lotus Notes archive” Error-

  1. The error message occurs due to the lack of user access privileges. The user must, therefore, have the access rights to the file in order to solve this issue. And, if the user can somehow disable the local security, then the NSF server file will definitely be opened.
  2. You are not authorized to perform that operation.
  3. There is no specific user account in the Domino Directory.
  4. Could have moved the user account to some other Domino server
  5. In fact, if the NSF server file of the user is replaced by a new file generated using the user ID of the administrator. And the NSF Access Control List only mentioned the administrator as the user having access to the specific database.

So these are the reasons for the occurrence of “Lotus notes you are not authorized to perform that operation mailbox” issue. Now, let's move further to know the appropriate solutions to solve this.

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Methods to Solve “you are not authorized to perform that operation” Error?

  1. The user makes sure the account remains in Domino's directory.
  2. When you consider the user-facing error in a Domino database different from the admin account, follow these steps:
    • On the same Domino, generate a new admin account where the user account is located.
    • By specifically granting all permissions to access the mail files, grant manager access to the new admin account.
  3. Migrate now using the current IBM Lotus Notes admin account. Next, confirm that the admin account receives the correct permissions, follow these steps:

Search and check if the mail file can be opened by the admin account. Check that the error occurs when trying to open the mail file folder directly. In that case, grant the manager level access to the mail file to the admin account directly. Grant all permissions to fix you are not authorized to perform that operation lotus notes error.

These all are the manual solutions to solve the error in Lotus Notes. But these manual methods may result in many other errors. Therefore, you can also try NSF Local Security Remover Software to remove local security to access NSF database files. This utility quickly removes encryption from Lotus Notes mails. After that, you can easily access NSF database files without any restrictions. Also, there is no file size limitation to eradicate security from NSF files.


This blog is explaining all about "You are not allowed to perform this operation" error in Lotus Notes. Also, the causes for generating the error have been provided. Manually and directly, methods have been discussed to resolve the error.

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