Resolved: An Unknown Outlook Error Occurred, Error Code 0x80040119

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MS Outlook Unknown Error Occurred, Error Code 0x80040119

The Outlook email client is full of features and services, which makes it one of the most prominent email clients among its peers. But, this provider is also full of complexities and issues. These complexities work as a hurdle in the user experience. One of the hurdles which the user's face is error code 0x80040119. So, let’s dig deep into this issue and try to fix it.

What is Error 0x80040119 and Why it occurs?

The core of the issue is an overgrown PST file. Whenever a user doesn’t pay enough attention to remove the unused data, emails, attachments or files, the PST gets overloaded. As a result, an overgrown Outlook data file which is prone to corruption and when it gets corrupt it creates a send and receive error. This 0x80040119 is one of those send and receive errors that users face commonly.

The appearance of the error can be seen like the below dialog box:

Outlook error 0x80040119

Possible Reasons For This Error Message

As I’ve told earlier, the core reason for the issue is overgrown PST file. But, there are many other reasons possible for this error code:

  • Overgrown PST file which is exceeding its limit size.
  • A corrupt Outlook Data File.
  • Malware or virus attack on Windows system files.
  • A configuration issue with Mail Server.
  • Windows firewall or Defender settings.

Possible Symptoms Of This Error Code

There are multiple symptoms which users face due to this error:

  • Inaccessibility of Mailbox items.
  • Rough Outlook Experience.
  • Send/Receive process will not be working.
  • Sudden Window crash or freeze.

Whatever symptom you face but you do need a resolution when you face this error message. So let’s find out the solution.

How to Fix Outlook 0x80040119 Error Code

To resolve this issue, you can go for the utility scanpst.exe which is provided by Microsoft itself. This utility can be used by following the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the scanpst.exe (Inbox Repair Tool) on your system.
  2. Double-click and open the tool.
  3. Browse for the PSt file. (Locate the PST File)
  4. Click on the Start button.
  5. Soon, a scanning process will get conducted on your system.
  6. Within a minute, the selected PST file will get scanned successfully.
  7. Now, click on the Repair button.

This will fix the corruption of the PST file and hopefully remove the error code. But, there are some limitations associated with the tool:

  • The Inbox Repair tool can only fix header corruption issues.
  • It may not work if the size of your PST file is large.

To overcome these limitation, this is recommended to use a professional tool like PST File Recovery. This utiliy lets you remove all kind of corruption and also lets you split the PST file in smaller blocks for making the overgrown PST under the recommended size.

Bottom Lines

PST file is the key component of Outlook. Whenever it grows over the size limit, the chances of corruption gets high. So, removing the un-useful emails or archiving the PST data is a good practice. It keeps you away from the error 0x80040119 and also from other Outlook send and recieve errors. Hope, it was helpful and worth your time.

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