How to Repair Outlook Express inbox.dbx file After Crash

MS Outlook Express is an old version of MS Outlook which was common before 2010 but now everyone is familiar with MS Outlook 2019. It is the latest version of Outlook and possesses many unique features. So, the problem arises when a user is unable to access his DBX file which is a file format of Outlook Express. He is unable to repair Outlook Express as it is a very old version of Outlook and it is hard to find the way out to fix this problem.

In this article, I am going to discuss some easy method which would help you to repair DBX files of Outlook Express and you can access them easily. It is not very difficult to repair DBX files because one can fix corruption issues manually.

Methods for Fixing Outlook Express after Crashing

There must be some loopholes in your Outlook Express account and therefore you are unable to access it. You must first rectify those errors and then try to open Outlook Express.

Delete Internet Temporary Files

  • Open Internet Explorer and then in Tools open Internet option.
  • Click on Delete Files under Temporary Internet Files
  • Now, Click on Delete All Offline Content and then on OK to confirm.

Note- If you have Internet Explorer 7 & 8 then you have to delete the temp files from the browsing history.

Compress Outlook Express Folders

  • Launch Outlook Express and then click on Work Offline under the File
  • Confirm that all file and folders are closed.
  • Now, go to the File Tab again and Click on Compact All Folders.
  • If you face any error then try the same process again after restarting the whole system.


Set Outlook Express as Default Client

Making Outlook Express as the Default Folder would help you to repair Outlook Express DBX Files.

  • Press Windows + R
  • Enter msimn /reg and Press Enter
  • Now, open Internet Explorer and in Tools open Options.
  • Click on Programs and Make Outlook Express as the default email client.


Re-Enter DLL Library Files

  • Press Windows + R and open Run Command dialogue box.
  • Type regsvr32 urlmon.dll and hit Enter
  • Continue the Same process and enter the regsvr32 shdocvw.dll and regsvr32 browseui.dll


Make a New Outlook Express Accounts

Exporting the emails from the old Outlook Express account to the new account might help you to fix Outlook Express issues.

  • Go to Tools and Click on Accounts in Outlook Express.
  • Click on Mail tab and select you OE account.
  • Now, Click on Export and define the location of the file.
  • Choose News and Repeat the same steps.
  • Go to the File tab in Outlook Express and Click on Identities and then on New Identities.
  • Give a Name to the New Identity and click on OK.
  • Move to the Newly Created Identity.
  • If the OE prompts you to Import Files then Click on Cancel and Close the Wizard.
  • Now, Click on Tools and select Accounts.
  • Click on Import and select the files you have saved earlier.
  • Now, Import All the Emails from the New Identity.

To import New Identity follow the steps given below:-

  • Open OE and Click on the File
  • Click on Import and then on Messages.
  • Select Microsoft Outlook Express 6 from the program list and Click on Next.
  • Choose the identity you are willing to import and Click on OK

Well, if this method doesn’t help you to fix DBX file issue then there is some serious problem with your file. The only way left is to spend some bucks and try a professional tool.

Repair Outlook Express DBX File via Professional Tool

  • Launch the Software and Add DBX
  • Select the Mode of Recovery according to the severity of corruption and click on OK.

  • Now, you can preview all the email, folders, and other items of the DBX File.

  • Select the file format according to your needs in which you want to save DBX file and click on OK.

  • The saving process will start and once it completes you’ll get a confirmation message.

Now it is totally up to you that how you should fix the problem of Outlook Express.


I have told you many techniques to repair Outlook Express and now it is totally up to you that how you tackle your problem and it is quite challenging to apply the manual steps, so you can try SysInfo DBX Repair Tool if you want to go for a shortcut. I hope I have assisted you well in resolving the issue related with your Outlook Express account.