[Solved] - Microsoft SQL Server Error 926

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How to Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 926 - Causes and Cautions

The article will tell you the best way on how to fix Microsoft SQL Server error 926. So, let’s discuss the symptoms and reasons which contribute to the occurrence of SQL Server error 926

Microsoft SQL server is one of the most popular database management system. It provides flexibility to the database administrator for handling the database. But, sometimes it returns several errors at different stages while working with SQL server database. One such error is SQL database suspect error 926, which creates hassles in SQL transactions. Sometimes, it also hampers the smooth functioning of SQL server as it makes the database inaccessible to the user.

Sometimes, while user connects SQL instance using sysadmin login credentials and SSMS, the SQL server displays an error prompt saying following message:

Microsoft SQL server error code 926 leads SQL database into the inconsistent state and makes an effect on its file structure. Users may be able to query their databases from the new query window. However, they cannot see any of them. Well, there are some other instances when this error prompts are as:

  • Extracting transactions from the SQL database log
  • While restoring the database in the server
  • When a database is being attached to the SQL Server by the user.

Reasons behind Microsoft SQL Server Error 926

  • If corruption is in the header part of the system file
  • SQL database might have been marked as suspected
  • Sudden shut down of the SQL server application may also lead to the error
  • When a defect due to malware occurs in the hardware of the machine

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Fixes to resolve Microsoft SQL server error 926

There are several fixes to resolve this Microsoft SQL server error 926. However, users must begin with trying some basic tactics as sometimes little fixes are able to resolve the errors.

So, there are some basic fixes which must be employed before proceeding to other methods in order to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Refresh and reconnect the connection
  2. Restart the service SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)
  3. Restart the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  4. Restart your computer

If these basic workarounds don’t work for you, there are two manual solutions to fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 926.

Method 1

  • In a new window, execute the query
    EXEC sp_resetstatus ‘DB_Name’
    In a database, sp_resetstatus disables the suspect flag. Basically, it updates the status column as well as mode that are named as sys.databases. Only the logins having sysadmin rights can perform this action.
    By executing this query, you can set your database into single user mode.
    Using this command, the database will set to multi-user mode and further can be accessed by others.
    If the SQL database has been set to EMERGENCY mode, it becomes READ_ONLY copy. After that, only the sysadmin members who have access privileges can access it.
  • DBCC checkdb (‘DB_Name’)
    This command checks the integrity between the objects.
    This command will help to repair the errors.

Method 2

  • Open MS SQL Management Studio (SSMS) and click on Object Explorer. Then, in opened connection item, right-click and choose Stop
  • Next, open the Control Panel in your computer and click on Administrative Tools, then on Services.
  • Highlight the SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) item from the services and right-click on it. Now, from the opened menu list, click on Stop.
  • Now, go through the following path:
  • Further, move MSDBData.mdf and MSDBlog.ldf to another location.
  • Copy this file again from the new location and paste it to the older place.
  • Next, under the opened connection in Object Explorer, hit a right-click and select the Start option
  • Further, Refresh your database.
  • Now, you can Detach the MSDB File

Limitations of Manual Fixes

The above discussed manual method involves a lot of effort and is a cumbersome and tedious task. To fix Microsoft SQL Server error 926, there is a long and complex command that needs to be executed. Also, there might be a possibility that you have made mistakes during command execution. It takes a lot of time to remove the Microsoft SQL error 926 and to recover the SQL server database. Moreover, the manual procedure is completely unsuitable for the naive and non-technical users as the process revolves totally around technical terms. Thus, an effortless approach is described which overcomes all such issues.

Alternate method to troubleshoot Microsoft SQL server error 926

If the above manual methods don’t help you resolve Microsoft SQL Server Error 926, you should look forward to a professional solution of using a third-party tool. SQL Database Recovery software is one such tool that is recommended by the professionals to tackle SQL Server corruption. It can successfully repair and restore SQL database objects from it.. Whatever you recover from the corrupted SQL database can be saved to a new database. This reliable and authentic recovery software can fix all the major errors which lead to corruption in the MDF database.

Key Features of SysInfo SQL Recovery Tool
  • The tool offers recovery of all the file objects including tables, triggers, views, programmability, functions etc.
  • Successfully performs MDF file recovery in Standard and Advanced Mode.
  • Saves recovered data either in SQL Server compatible Script or SQL Server database format.
  • Repairs corrupted NDF and MDF files of SQL Server database.
  • Enables users to preview recovered data before saving.
  • Support image, XML, BLOB and large page data.
  • Strongly compatible with Windows 10/8/ 7/Vista/2003/XP and 2000.
  • Support all the SQL server versions.
Final words

SQL Server plays a crucial role when it comes to the management of the business database. Several organizations use it to keep their data safely. However, there are some errors that arise in SQL server. One such common issue is Microsoft SQL Server error 926. Considering the fact, it is not simple to troubleshoot this error code, we have discussed some manual fixes for the same. Additionally, users can use a third party tool if required.

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