IMAP Backup Tool Working Details

The Working Details of the Sysinfo IMAP Email Backup Tool are very helpful for the smooth functioning of the software to back up or migrate emails.

  1. The Software requires a CSV file containing the User ID, Password, Port Number and Host ID to run.
  2. If you are taking AOL or Yahoo Email Backup to any other File Format through the IMAP Backup tool, then you will have to enter the Old Password of Yahoo and AOL to authenticate a third-party password.

    Note-* You can't backup Yahoo and AOL Emails if you don't have the Old Password to authenticate third-party passwords.

  3. You won't need any third-party password to backup Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail, G Suite, Zoho, GoDaddy, Amazon Workmail, Yandex, and Hostgator emails to any file format.

    Note-* You can take the backup using your existing credentials for the above accounts.

How to Backup IMAP-enabled Accounts of Email Clients Using the Sysinfo IMAP Email Backup Tool?

When you use the IMAP-enabled Account of those given below Email Clients, you have to use Port No and Host Name according to your mail account ID.

Email Client (ID) Port Number Host Name
Gmail 993
Yahoo Mail 993
AOL 993
G-Suite 993
Outlook 993
Hotmail 993
AWS 993 (1). US West(Oregon) -
(2). US East (N. Virginia) -
(3). Europe (Ireland) -
GoDaddy 993
Yandex Mail 993
Zoho Mail 993
  1. It does not support iCloud ID. However, if you add the iCloud ID to the CSV file list and browse it, the software does not give you the result of that added ID. So if you want to take a backup of your iCloud ID data, try the Sysinfo iCloud Backup Tool
  2. This Software is not compatible with Zimbra Account ID.
  3. ProtonMail Account ID is only supported when your IMAP Setting is enabled.
  4. If your Office 365 Account ID was created via another domain like .biz, .com, .info, .me, .mobi, .net, .org, .tv,,, the software does not support that ID's.

    Note:- It only works with IDs created on your Microsoft Office 365 server.

  5. Suppose your added IDs in the CSV file contains email messages that are system generated, like Ads, for Security purpose, changing password, new system login, and other messages, so the software helps you download them too, but the date is according to the server from where the email message is generated.
  6. The software can back up or migrate only email messages, including the attachments files. However, you need to ensure that you won't be able to backup/migrate calendars, tasks, contacts, journals and other mailbox items.
  7. Make Sure to check whether the IMAP Setting is enabled or not before starting the backup or migration process of added Email IDs.

    Note:- You must enable the IMAP option before starting the process.

  8. If you want to migrate or back up Office 365 Active users' data (sub-accounts or accounts associated with Office 365), you need to check whether the Application Impersonation option is given or not to that account. Or if it is not given, first make sure to enable the Setting up Application Impersonation option.
  9. Sometimes, it may be possible that your Outlook for Office 365 loads the data slowly, which means it will take time to fetch and update the data on the Outlook application. Here, it would be best if you did the following things: Wait for some time, don't close the software until the migration is not completed, and establish a better internet connection.
  10. Don't worry about the security of your Account Details. Your security is our priority. We do not store any of your data.
If you won't able to understand any specific points described above, you can also contact our Support Team
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