Generate App Password & Turn Off 2 Step Verification in Hotmail Account was earlier known as Hotmail. Even today, there are individuals who are prone to Hotmail clients even though it is now projected as It is common that an individual cannot access an email client with Third-party utility. It is often recommended to users to apply a third party app password for more secured sign in.

Follow the below- mentioned to Generate an Application Password For Hotmail Log-In and Security Settings.

  • Sign in to your Hotmail or profile with valid credentials:
  • In the More Security Options tab, tap on Explore option.
  • If the Two-step verification is turned on, then only you can observe Create App Password section. Hit the Create a new app password option.
  • The text highlighted under the App password is the generated app password.
  • Replicate this code to access the account on other electronic devices that do not approve of security keys.
  • Please type in the "App generated Password" within Hotmail Backup Tool.


It is often noticed that Hotmail clients do not allow access to the account files via third party application, due to security issues. One can avoid such issues, by simply generating an app security key by following the above-mentioned steps.

Hotmail is a prior version of MS Outlook. As Hotmail is now a discontinued project, there are users who find it difficult to access Hotmail accounts via third party application. To access a Hotmail account, one needs to turn off their 2 step verification by logging in to the Hotmail account.

When operating with SysInfo Hotmail Backup software, users may face problems in accessing Hotmail mail accounts (encrypted with 2 step verification). So, it is recommended to turn-off the 2-Step Verification in the Hotmail mail account.

Below we have stated the technique to disable the 2 Factor authorization..

How to Disable Two-Step Verification for a Hotmail Account?

Turn off two-step verification

Step by Step technique to disable Two-factor Verification from Hotmail Account / Microsoft Security Settings.

  • Tap here to redirect to the Microsoft Security Settings: and login in with relevant Hotmail credentials.
  • Next, opt from your 2 step verification method options: Text message or Email ID Verification
  • Type in your Two-step authentication key received in the form of a Text message or by email address.
  • In the Two-Step Verification section, press the "Turn Off two-step verification"
  • A prompt composed will display the message: "Are you sure that you want to turn off two-step verification?". Tap Yes to confirm


Users often require security restrictions for their account, so that no third person can access their private data. To access such data, users can take help of the above method for disabling two-step authorization in a Hotmail account. This way users may not need to worry about the

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