Fix “Word Cannot Open the Document: User Does Not Have Access Privileges” Word Error

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    December 29th, 2018
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Microsoft Word is one of the most used read and writes a document which is continuously growing each day with some new improvements and improved accessibility. But many of you face a problem where you are unable to access a word file; Error like: “Word Cannot Open the Document: User Does Not Have Access Privileges”.

word cannot open the document

The error basically states that you do not have enough privileges to view the content. This error can pop up when you try to transfer files from one computer to another computer or when you try to update Word client, or when your password protects the files. Once that happens, is there any way to resolve Word denies opening document? Actually yes there is.

This post explains the major methods to fix this error: Word Cannot Open the Document: User Does Not Have Access Privileges.

Let’s have a look!

  1. Change Deny Permissions
  2. Remove Properties and Personal Information
  3. Copy Document to Another Location
  4. Force Word to Recover Your Document
  5. Check Anti-Virus Software

Method #1. Change Word file Permissions

The error message generally appears if your document has been saved with certain permissions. When you are trying to open a word file that requires specific user permission then this popup which means you must be an authorized user to access the file with some permissions. Consequently, you are suggested to change the word file permissions, follow the steps explained below:

  1. Right click on Word file which is giving the error popup message, choose “Properties”.
  2. It will bring you to a properties window, select Security tab> Click on Advanced (You can also click of edit)button.
    open properties
  3. From the next window Click on Add button.add word permissions
  4. Click on Select a principal.
  5. Click on Advanced button and find the permissions.
  6. Select Authenticated Users and Ok.
    get authenticated word users
  7. Click on OK again to finalize the selection in the current windows.
  8. Now check the Full Control option,> Ok.full control for word doc
  9. Apply and Ok to apply permission on the Word file.

Method #2. Remove Properties and Personal Information

Many of the users get a great help while removing the properties and personal information and you are able to access the document easily. So you might as well attempt it as the following process is:

1. In the word file “Properties”> select the Detail tab

2. In the Detail section click on “Remove Properties and Personal Information“.change proterties personal details

3. Now check the “Create a copy with all possible properties removed” option in the new window.

4. Click on the “OK” button and finally launch your Word document.

Method #3. Copy the Word Document to another Location

In many situations, a Word cannot open the document on one hard drive, but when moved to another hard drive, it could be opened with an access denied error or other issues. Just right-click on the file, Copy & paste it on to another hard drive at some new location. At last, check out if this solution is working for you.

Method #4. Force Word file to Recover Your Document

Among almost every error in Microsoft Office Word documents, you are also suggested to try “Open and Repair” feature of the document to repair the corruption of selected Word Document (show up error; “Word Cannot Open the Document: User Does Not Have Access Privileges”). Restart it again and to see if you able to access the document again.

Method #5. Check Anti-Virus Software

There are many Anti-viruses which have a feature to automatically protect folders and causes the access problems like on word error on which we are discussing. Every antivirus program has a different method to protect or unprotect a folder or tends to automatically add to the protected list. In your particular antivirus application do check that your document is not protected, restart the computer and accessing the document again.

Make sure that the folder isn’t protected, restart your computer and try accessing the document again.

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Extra Tips: Word Cannot Open the Document: Password Protected

Sometimes you are not able to access the word document file as it secured by password and you forget the password. In such cases, you need to recover the lost password? For this, you are suggested by a professional VBA Password Recovery tool by SysInfoTools. The software provides you a feature to retrieve Word password successfully and get the access to the word file with the password. No matter what Microsoft you are using the software can successfully recover password from Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, Access database.

Final Words

So that’s all about the solution to how to fix “Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges” error. Does it help for you? Do comment for any query. Thanks for reading.

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