Improve Gmail Data Protection To Enhance Gmail Security

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    October 5th, 2019
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    February 20, 2021
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You can never be too sure of the security of emails. Scams are still commonplace after all and there are so many ways to hack email accounts. Everywhere are vulnerabilities. The organization is made up of security measures in place to ensure your data is secure and that the sensitive data cannot be improperly accessed.

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But, if a data leak happens, malware will affect your Google account. Therefore, we will explore some ways to improve Gmail data Protection and keep personal information secure in the upcoming section. This section includes various methods to enhance Gmail data security while protecting your data.

Gmail is one of the world’s largest and most popular email clients in the modern era. Privacy and Protection are of utmost importance with all forms of user-to-user information exchange.

Let us see the reasons for Gmail data protection and what are the various methods or ways to protect the Gmail account.

#Accidental deletion of Mailbox data

In order to free up storage, it is quite likely that a user accidentally or inadvertently deleted data or some of the mailbox information. Although the data goes to bin or junk first after deletion and remains there for the next few days what if the consumer remembers the missing data after the permanent deletion.

#If the phone has been hacked

Users tend to sign into their email account on multiple devices and become accustomed to having their identity in multiple devices. Although it is very nice to have access to your mailbox all the time, what if the computer is hacked and all your information is exposed to the criminal’s merciful hands.

#In the case of Phishing or Hacking

The worst fear nowadays is Phishing and Hacking Phishing, Ransomware, or hacking attacks. All you need is to press a fishy allow button over a third-party app and you’ll end up opening a hacker portal. Now that person or application can exploit, steal or delete your important data permanently.

Different Methods to Improve Data Protection in Gmail

Here learn about the multiple ways to improve and enhance Gmail data security.

1. Use of Strong Password

While protecting your Gmail email account, you must create a strong password. There are a few tips for creating strong passwords and increasing protection. Follow the tips below:

A) Use the signs, letters, and numbers combination.

B) randomly use both lower case and upper case characters.

C) The key must be updated at least once a month.

D) Do not use your personal data like a password.

2. Enable 2-Step Verification

  • You can also use the 2-step verification feature, also known as two-factor authentication, in the Gmail account when using a strong password.
  • Using this feature, a verification code is sent to your phone via a text message you need to enter when you sign in to Google account with username and password.
  • It will stop the access of your Gmail account by individuals who mistake a password unless they have a nearby mobile device.

Follow the below steps to enable two-step verification:

  • Open your profile icon at the top right of Gmail and select My Account to allow two-step verification.
  • Click Sign in to Google under Sign-in & Protection.
  • Use 2-Step Verification under Password & Sign-In Process.
  • Type your phone number and pick a verification method.

3. Enable Security of HTTPs on server

Gmail is a strong service that allows you to sign in from any place or phone. Sadly, you can log in to unencrypted networks and you will be exposed to your personal data and privacy. You must allow HTTPS protection to ensure that all data between your browser and Gmail is encrypted. Just go to your settings to do this and click the General tab.

Just go to your settings and click the General tab to do this. Click the button to connect to the browser and make sure that there is a checkmark next to “Always use HTTPS.”

4. Complete Security Checklist

Google’s keeping your data safe and protected is a simple task. You can access the full checklist within the Gmail account to ensure that the Gmail account is secure. A checklist can help verify security settings and review specifics of recovery, connected devices, and account permissions. You can search all websites and applications when reviewing account permissions, and devices that are already connected to Google account.

Going through will take only a few minutes and must be updated several times a year to ensure that all settings are up-to-date.

5. Update Browser regularly

Your online protection is key to upgrading your web browser. You are vulnerable to threats such as spyware and viruses if your browser is out of date. Hackers can also manipulate your data more quickly and steal personal and financial information that is confidential. Update your browsers periodically and perform regular manual checks to ensure that everything is up-to-date on your computer. Such updates are often intended to fix vulnerabilities in protection, so you need to update all browsers you are using.

6. Use Safe browsing Features

The secure browsing feature is an easy way to identify links that are malicious or suspicious sent by email. This feature will warn users of any suspicious links or senders that are not authenticated when turned on. When you click on a suspicious connection, a large alert will be issued to you–to verify that you want to continue with the link–providing your account and information with another layer of protection.

7. Keep the Backup of Your Data

Google Takeout is a simple tool that allows Google Apps users like Gmail and Drive to export their data to a downloadable archive. Nevertheless, if a user is more than 50 GB, they cannot access or save the data stored in a shared folder or all the data in a single attempt. It is important to keep backup of your Gmail data. Use SysInfo Gmail Backup Tool to backup Gmail data completely.


Gmail provides a security feature to prevent spam and phishing messages from entering the inbox. Nonetheless, Gmail’s data privacy and data protection research is never finished, users want their Gmail account to be protected at this time. Therefore, we addressed many ways to improve Gmail data protection and also to backup Gmail data by Gmail Backup utility in the above-mentioned guide.

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