2 Most Common Issues Take Place in SQL Server and Their Fixes

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    September 29th, 2016
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    March 12, 2021
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How long have you been a part of Microsoft SQL Server?        

Have you ever faced any issue with your MS SQL Server account and/or SQL database file?

Can you recall what that was?

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Generally, the 2 most common issues in SQL Server users are:

  • Database corruption.
  • Losing access to User Accounts.

Database corruption can be occurred due to various reasons, but the situation of losing access to users/administrator accounts only occurred if you forget the password or the password is changed secretly, i.e. without your notice.

Microsoft SQL Server – An Enterprise-level Database Program

It’s a popular relational database management system developed by Microsoft. Being a database server, it’s primary function is to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications. It doesn’t matter where the software applications are installed, either on the same computer system or another system across the same network. All the data and information saved by SQL Server are stored in a database file, called MDF aka Microsoft SQL Server Database File.

Microsoft SQL creates two types of database files: MDF and LDF. These files are primary database files in which schema and data are stored in MDF, and logs are stored in LDF. There is also a secondary database file used in SQL Server, NDF. An SQL database, be it primary or secondary, is not immune to corruption like other database files. Numerous reasons can cause corruption in your SQL database files, and make them inaccessible.

Database corruption is one of the most common issues faced by administrators and users. There’s one more issue that commonly takes place in SQL Server, losing access to users/administrator accounts. SQL Server can contain one or more user accounts including administrator account. Username and password are provided to every single user so that he/she can log in into SQL user account.

Things to remember

  • If you’re using SQL Authentication, the password is mainly required. But if you’re using Windows Authentication, the password is not at all required.
  • Sometimes it may happen that you lose or forget your password which makes your user account inaccessible. You can’t use your SQL database as you’ve lost the access. What will you do to regain access to your SQL Server user account?

How to Fix Common issues in SQL Server?

First, let’s know how to repair corrupt SQL database file. And after that, we’ll discuss the 2nd issue. If you think your database .mdf file is corrupt, you can try Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

If SQL Server Management Studio fails or doesn’t work for you, you can try MS SQL Database Repair tool to repair SQL database file.

Now let’s talk about other issues faced by SQL users. If you’ve lost or forgotten password of your user account, you can read this blog post to know How to Reset Password Manually?

If the manual trick given in the blog post shared above doesn’t work, you can try a professional SQL Password Recovery software to unlock your administrator as well as users accounts without causing any changes or damage to SQL database files.


Above issues which we have discussed, takes place in MS SQL Server often. That’s why we suggests some methods to fix these common issues. Follow those methods to fix the 2 most common issues in SQL Server.

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