How to Restore BKF Files in Case of Missing Catalog Backup File?

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    July 13th, 2010
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Summary:- Making a copy of your important files whether it is photos, videos, text or any other data is the process of the backup. Backup is the most important step, from which the user can use their data later, after the data loss. The two software that we generally use to create a backup is Ntbackup and Symantec VERITAS Utility, and we need catalog files to run this software. In the case of Ntbackup utility, there are three catalog files one is ntbackup.exe file and the other two are ntmsapi.dll and vssapi.dll files. This blog topic mention all the methods on how to restore BKF files in case of missing catalog backup file. So let’s start.

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Some of the errors from which you can recognize that your BKF file is corrupted are as follows:

  • Ntbackup Utility will start because the ntmsapi.dll file is missing.
  • The file will not contain any information.
  • There will problem copying the backup.
  • Backup File become Unrecognized and cannot be used.

Methods to Restore BKF File from Missing Catalog Backup

Firstly find the backup catalog files from this location before your step into restoring the files:

Catalog Location: %SystemRoot%\Documents and Settings\Account\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows NT\NTBackup\catalog

Method 1: Inbuilt Backup Tool of Microsoft

If you are a user of Microsoft Windows then you already have in-built software for the backup of all the data in windows called NTBackup.

NTBackup is the built-in backup application in Windows to create a proprietary backup format (BKF) (also known as “Microsoft Tape Format” or MTF) to back up files. With this tool, you can back up your data in the Zip Drives, Floppy Disk, and Hard Drives. It supports –

  • Encrypting File System.
  • NTFS hard links and junction points.
  • Alternate data streams.
  • Disk quota information.
  • Mounted drive and remote storage information.
  • Saves New Technology File System (NTFS) permissions.
  • Respects the archive bit attribute on files and folders.
  • Audit entries and ownership settings.
  • Can create differential and incremental backups.
  • Backup catalogs, as well as Automated System Recovery.

Part 1: Restore Catalog file

Follow these steps to create a catalog file and restore the backup database.

  • On the Restore tab of NTBackup.exe utility,> right-click on File > click Catalog file.
  • Place the correct media or backup file (.bkf file), and then click OK.

Part 2: Recreate New Catalog file

Remove all the catalogs files from the restore tab and recreate new catalog file, for the backup which you want to restore.

  • Open Restore tab and right-click on each catalog to delete catalog file from Restore tab.
  • On the Restore tab, right-click File > click Catalog file.
  • Place the correct media or backup file (.bkf file) > click OK.
  • Repeat this process for each catalog files, if you are performing multiple restores at the same time.

But the problem is that NTBackup tool is also not fault-proof as it also gets corrupt due to some unavoidable reasons such as virus, improper system shutdown, power failure, etc. Sometimes, NTBackup corruption happens due to missing catalog backup files. In such situations, you may not be able to use the BKF file to restore your data at the time of data loss. Thus, in such situations, you would require to restore BKF file if the catalog file goes missing from the backup file.

Method 2: With BKF Repair Tool Provided By Sysinfo

BKF File Recovery is the best professional tool provided by SysInfoTools for the repair and restore corrupted BKF Files. It advanced and powerful tool that allows to easy repair of BKF Files. In most of cases, it is the fastest and most efficient tool to recover corrupt BKF Files. Some specific features of this tool are as follows:

  • Executes repair of MS BKF Files More than 1TB successfully.
  • Exclusive support for search functionality in recovered files.
  • Facilitates “Range Scan” feature which is very helpful for the advanced users.
  • User can save the recovery process at any time and can load further for fast recovery.
  • Runs smoothly on all versions of windows.
  • Saves specific searched files in the desired location.

It works with BKF files created using NTBackup tool of Windows 2003, XP and 2000 and also the files created using Backup Exec by VERITAS software. It is compatible with Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000.


I have tried to provide a complete solution, to restore missing catalog backup files from Windows backup files and two techniques, it’s all up to you which one you choose. If you are a novice user and don’t have technical expertise then you can try the Professional SysInfo BKF Recovery tool to fix the issues otherwise the manual technique will work if the corruption of BKF file is minor. I hope you liked this blog.

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