How to Extract And Restore MDF Files From BAK Files?

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    August 26th, 2019
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    February 24, 2021
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Here in this article, I will be discussing how can you restore MDF files from BAK files. As we all know that Microsoft SQL Server is widely used and most preferred relational database management system. It stores the data in MDF also called primary database files, NDF secondary database files, LDF transaction log files and Bak which is also called backup file.

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There are certain cases where you will not be able to access SQL tables, functions, other database components. In such a case, if you have a backup file (.bak file ) saved on your hard disk, then you can easily restore the entire SQL database using the MS SQL Database Management Studio. In addition, you can also restore all the deleted and lost database objects to the original state precisely. So, here we go.

Restore MDF File from a BAK File Manually

Here is the manual procedure by which you can easily extract your MDF files from the backup SQL file. You need to follow the given below steps:

  1. First of all, connect to the database server using MS SQL Server Management Studio. After it is connected, you need to find the Database node in the left pane. Right-click to select Restore Database.
restore mdf database
  • After that, you have to Browse for the destination and source.
    • Under Destination for Restore: You have to select from the two options – To Database and To a point in time.
    • Under Source for Restore: You need to choose from the two options – From Database and From Device.
extract mdf file from a location
  • Here you have to browse for the backup file from your device and then add the file to execute restore. Click OK to display the list of backup sets.
add device to recover mdf file
  • Now, choose the set from the list of backup sets to restore the database and click on the OK button to begin the extraction.
restore from backup sets of device
  • After the process of restoring the MDF database from the Backup file gets completed, a pop-up message will appear stating “The restore of database ‘Database Name’ completed successfully.” Finally, click OK and your database is ready.
success restore of mdf file

Note: If a user already has the .bak file in the existing data, then one will have to restore the .bak to a different database.

What if SQL .bak file data gets corrupted?

There might be this question crawling across your mind. After trying the manual solution and still, you are unable to restore MDF files from BAK files. Then there might be a corruption in the SQL server .bak file. Do not worry at all, in that case, you can try SQL Backup Recovery software. This utility provides a solution to repair SQL backup and also restore MDF, and LDF files from it.

This software supports SQL data recovery from split backup files. In addition, also supports SQL data recovery from compressed backup (.bak) files. Moreover, it comes with a simple GUI so that everyone can use this software easily. Hence, I would recommend you to try the free demo version of this tool.

Bottom Lines

The blog is describing the methods to restore MDF files from BAK files with the help of manual as well as by using an automated solution. So, you must choose the best solution accordingly.

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