How to Reset SQL Server Password Manually?

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    March 28th, 2014
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Have you forgot your MS SQL Server Credential? Do you want to Change or Reset SQL Server password? There are many situations where your forgot the SA password after installing or reinstalling the SQL Server. This Blog will dicuss some methods that will help you change the forgotten password for your SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/2014 database.

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Microsoft® SQL Server™ is a crucial database management and analysis application used for enhancing the performance of e-commerce, data warehousing, organizational solutions and much more. SQL Server has been built with the mission to offer ease of operations by maintaining the most crucial data in the form of an organized database within an organization or a company.

SQL Server is considered as the most comprehensive database management innovation in the e-market. It performs rigorously to offer high-end scalability for your database in virtual as well as the physical environment.

The SQL Server application is used for maintaining high professional data and is installed on a primary server for allowing access to a varied number of users. This enables SQL Server to create individual logins for different users which further enables them to manage and modify databases over a secured channel. User login details for each SQL database play a significant role. Without correct login credentials, it becomes impossible for anyone to enter into a secured database which makes the entire system safer and theft free.

Manual solution Recover/Reset SQL Server Password

Many times that users tend to either forget or lose passwords in case of unavoidable circumstances, corruptions or failures. It is quite a daunting task for any SQL administrator or user to fetch lost passwords without much technical knowledge. Sometimes even the technical knowledge fails when the password loss is related to suspicious activities.  Only an authentic SQL Server Password Recovery tool may help in such cases. However, users have suggested some self-help in the form of given below manual solutions which may aid in recovering lost SQL Server passwords. In case, these fail to provide any assistance, the user may opt for a third-party solution that is sure to provide utmost support in fetching or recreating login details for quick access of secured SQL database files.

Change password in Management studio

  1. Login to SQL Server using Windows Authentication.
  2. Go to Logins Folder through Security Folder as available under Object Explorer.
  3. This will enable you to change the System Administrator password, change and confirm the new password and click OK.
  4. Your new password will reset within no time. Keep a note of it at a safe location for easy access.

Reset password in Command Prompt

This is the easiest way of resetting the SQL Server password in case of password loss. Have a look:

  1. In the command prompt, type osql –L
  2. Give the following command followed by the full name of your SQL Server: OSQL -S <type server name here> -E
  3. Give the following command type: sp_password NULL, ‘<type new password here>’, ’sa
  4. Make sure to type the password that you would want to use for logging into your SQL database. Save it somewhere for quick access whenever required.

The above two are the easiest manual solutions which can be applied for resetting SQL server database password in case of any loss or infringement. However, these are limited to their use and application.

Reset SQL Server Password Professionally

In the toughest situations, it becomes quite impossible for SQL Server users to reset or recreate new passwords. Hence, they willingly or unwillingly have to rely on a third-party solution that can solve the purpose for them. The third-party tool is specially designed to unlock SQL database passwords in the most legit manner. Not always, the manual solution may help irrespective of the fact that these can be the best answer many times.  Times come when users have to put all his trust in a password recovery tool that can unlock database files in the most secure manner.

This is when SQL Server Password Recovery tool by SysInfoTools can help you. It allows you to crack the passwords for SQL user’s account in the safest manner that protects the database from any threat. The software comes with a free demo version for a free evaluation of the performance of the software before actually deciding to invest money in a licensed version. Check out now!

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