How to Fix SQL Server Error 8942? Error Solved

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    April 23rd, 2019
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    December 14, 2022
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Summary:- “SQL Server is mainly used for database storage. It can a huge amount of data possessing various details. Most of the Multinational Companies maintain their employee’s record on SQL Server. But from the past few days, many users are facing an unknown error 8942. They have no idea how to deal with it. In this article, I am going to tell you how to fix SQL Server Error 8942.

Do you Know SQL Error 8942?

As far as I think, if you are a non-technical user, then you have no idea of this error. This error is related to the tables present on the SQL server. If there is some problem with the table, then only you will face this issue.

The Error Message will appear as:-

SQL Error 8942

Some Reasons Responsible for this Error 8942

  • It is recommended to keep offset of the next slot equal to or greater than the previous one. If the offset slot S_ID is not greater than or equal to the previous slot then the chances of this error are high.
  • Hardware malfunctioning can also lead to table structure corruption.
  • Forced closure of the SQL Server in the middle of an ongoing process is also harmful to the database.

Whatever may be the reason for SQL Server Error 8942 but you must know how to fix it. Either you can follow a lengthy manual method or straight away go with the shortcut. The shortcut method is a SQL Database Recovery Software which easily repairs all MDF files of SQL server and saves them in an accessible form.

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Manual Way to Resolve SQL Server Error 8942

You can restore the file from backup. Every SQL Server user creates a file backup on the system. So you can easily restore those files from the backup which are corrupted. Well, if you don’t have a backup then there is another way out to fix this problem.

Inspect Hardware Issues

There must be a probability of hardware problems behind this issue. So you have to fix that first. To know the hardware issues check the application and SQL Server error logs. If you found any severe issue then I would recommend to fix it as soon as possible.

Use Run DBCC CHECKDB Command

  • Run DBCC CHECKDB Command on Corrupt Database.
  • See the Index ID.

If you found the index is greater than 1 then Drop and Recreate it.

If the index Zero or One, re-run the DBCC CHECKDB Command with repair options like repair_fast, repair_build, repair_allow_data_loss.

You can see the command below:-


If this technique is not working, there must be some serious issues with your SQL Database table. The only way left to fix SQL Server Error 8942 is to spend some bucks and buy a SQL Database Recovery Software.

SQL Database Recovery Software to Fix SQL Server Error 8942

There are hundreds of software on the web which promises to repair SQL Database file but most of them are not genuine. They fail to recover all database contents. I would recommend Sysinfo SQL Database Recovery which is a complete utility to fix SQL server error 8942. It even recovers table from a corrupt file and I am quite sure that after using this software you’ll not face any kind of SQL error.

Steps to Resolve SQL Issues using SQL Database Recovery Software

Step 1. Download, Install and Launch Sysinfo SQL Database Recovery. Browse the File and Click on OK Button.

Step 2. The tool will scan all the files. Once the scanning process completes you’ll receive a Confirmation Message. Click on OK button to Continue.

SQL Server Error 8942

Step 3. All the SQL Database will appear in a Tree-Structured Format. Click on Save button to save the files.

SQL Server Error 8942

Step 4. Now, Choose the Saving mode either SQL Server Database or SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts. Browse the saving location and Click on OK button to start the saving process.

Step 5. After the completion of the saving process, you’ll receive a confirmation message. Click on OK and Close the software.

SQL Server Error 8942

Wrapping Up

Finally, I would like to wrap up things. I have told two aspect of resolving the SQL Server Error 8942, the manual and the professional techniques. Now it is up to you whether you want to go with the lengthy method or opt a shortcut. It is advised to use a professional tool if you don’t have much technical knowledge. Keep the professional method as your priority.

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