Repair Access Database Files Manually For Microsoft Access

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    April 25th, 2014
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Summary:- Any individual can face corruption issues in their MS Access Database account. So, here you can explore the reasons that lead to Access Database file corruption and check the prominent methods to fix the Access Database file corruption issues. We will discuss some manual approaches first to fix the corruption issue or else you can try the MS Access Database Recovery tool to get rid of the corruption.

MS Access database is prone to corruption and this is not something to be surprised about. All computer application programs face failures and corruption at several intervals of time. All applications need treatment for fixing errors and recovering the most crucial data, lost due to fatal errors. Usually, an Access database file gets corrupted due to improper handling and system-generated errors and we need to repair Access Database files. However, sometimes you may realize that even after protecting your files, certain loopholes let the errors infect your application that further leading to inaccessible database files.

Possible Reasons for Access Database Corruption

  • When Access database files become infected with a virus and someone opens the database, the infection spreads to the entire database and corrupts it.
  • When numerous users access the same database using various Jet Service packs and installing updates, even minor changes in the MDB file format might cause the database to become corrupt.
  • Incorrect installation of third-party software or plug-ins for Access can also result in database damage.
  • Changing your Memo field data regularly increases the likelihood of the Access database being corrupt. It usually results from an issue with the VBA module, which is not dangerous in terms of data loss, but it is dangerous in terms of database design harm.
  • Accidental system shutdown when your Access database files remained open and you were working on it is also one of the causes of MS Access database corruption.
  • The presence of a few flaws in the MS Access and Jet Engine software can sometimes be blamed for database corruption.
  • Database instability may also be caused by hardware problems such as the presence of faulty sectors on hard drives and missing network packets.

In any circumstance, you may want to recover as much data as possible. Many a time recovery can be done so effectively with only built-in utilities offered by Microsoft, however the same seems like an impossible task in case of fatal errors which need proper treatment.

Listed here are some ways to recover MS Access database files. However, before starting to recover your files, you should take a backup of already corrupted data. This backup will help in case of any damage that may happen to the originally corrupted MS Access database file during the recovery process.

Compact and Repair Access Database Files: The Easiest Fix

As mentioned above, Microsoft offers a unique built-in feature for recovering original data from damaged database files. This tool is known as ‘Compact and Repair’. It can effectively perform recovery on your damaged files. Thus, can be a cost-effective solution as well. With minor errors, you need not spend on costly software or tools meant for database recovery. Of course, you may have to opt for an alternative solution if this method fails which is usually persistent in case of severe corruption issues, but that’s another side of the story! Let’s just focus on how Compact and Repair can help in recovering database files version-wise.

MS Access 2003 Users

If you are using MS Access 2003 then you can follow the steps given below to repair the access database files:-

  • Go to the Tools menu.
  • Then select Database Utilities.
  • Choose the Compact and Repair Database option.

MS Access 2007 Users

If you are using MS Access 2007 then you can follow the steps given below to repair the access database files:-

  • Click on the Office button.
  • Then Select the Manage option.
  • Then click on the Compact and Repair Database option.

MS Access 2010 Users

If you have MS Access Database 2010 then you can follow the steps given below to recover access database files:-

  • Click on the Office tab.
  • Then choose the Compact and Repair option.

Once after selecting Compact and Repair in all versions of MS Access, the application will close any open window for cleaning up things and treating your file(s). Once after removing errors and fixing the file, the database will reopen with a fresh error-free file.

This tool is cost-effective and result-oriented yet it lacks complete repair if your database files are too corrupted to handle on their own. In such situations, you need an authentic MS Access Database Recovery Software that can resolve issues in the smoothest manner.

Alternative Fixes for Corrupt Access Database files

Sometimes the inbuilt utility fails when the corruption level of the Access Database is high so it is recommended to use a third-party application to fix the damage. One such tool is the Access Recovery Tool by SysInfoTools which aids with corruption problems. This software can fix any level of corruption and any size of the Access database files. There are some features of the software which is not there in the inbuilt utility of MS Access. Moreover, you can also Fix Access Database Error 2950 with the help of this tool.

Features of Access Recovery Software

  • Repairs Corrupt Access Database MDB and ACCDB Files.
  • Fixes any alignment issues.
  • Different modes of recovery depend upon the level of corruption.
  • Previews all the Data before saving it into the PC.
  • Recovers Data from large Sized Access Database files.
  • Uncomplicated tool and can be used even by novice users.
  • No chance of data loss during the recovery process.

Steps to Repair Files of Access Database

  • Download and Launch Sysinfo MS Access Database Recovery Tool.
  • Click on the Open Button and Add the MDB or ACCDB file that you want to repair.
  • Then Choose the Recovery Mode depending upon the severity of corruption.
  • The software will scan the file and preview all the folders that are present in the Access Database File.
  • Then click on the Save button and define the location where you want to save the repaired file.
  • Your access database file will be repaired and you can view all the information present in it easily.

Well, now, you have understood the advantages of professional software over manual steps. So you can try any of the methods for resolving the issue depending upon the level of corruption.


Now, you have two options to repair Access Database for MS Access corruption issues and it is totally up to you what choice you make. You can resolve minor corruption issues with the help inbuilt utility, but if the corruption is severe, then the only tool that can deal with it is Access Database Recovery software. I hope now you can easily resolve your issue.

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