How To Fix Microsoft Access Database Error 2950 (The Untold Technique)

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    June 16th, 2017
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    February 18, 2021
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Repairing and Fixing Microsoft Access Database Error 2950 is a hard task for many users. But with this article, I would be telling you reasons of occurrence of this error, precautionary measure you may take and an untold technique through which you can resolve Microsoft Access Database Error 2950 easily.

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Microsoft Access Database Error 2950

Being a Database Management System from Microsoft, it has some amazing features which have led to its rapid growth and have become one of the most widely used database system in the current situation. MS Access includes MS Relational Database Engine with graphical user interface which is used for various development purposes. This Database tool from Microsoft is one of the most widely used tool for building various software applications and suites by various software developers and system architecture personals. Not only this, MS Access is also a very handy database system for auditing and for analysis purpose.

Now I guess, we do agree that how useful Microsoft Access is but there is a small glitch and that is that MS Access is a little bit vulnerable to various form of unwanted errors which might make the data inaccessible. Most of my clients have faced issues with MS Access and the major problem comes when working with Macros. Macros is a simplified programming language used to build list of actions. But sometimes, due to errors in its programming language, it shows an error “Microsoft Access Database Error 2950” or “Action Failed Error Number 2950

So Why This Error Occurs (Microsoft Access Database Error 2950)

There can be various reasons for this error Microsoft Access Database Error 2950 or Action Failed Error Number 2950.

Action Failed Error Number 2950.

But one of the major reason for this error is Trust Issues.

If you as a user is trying to launch a database that is not trusted by MS Access then there is a great chance of facing this error Action Failed Error Number 2950. By the way, Microsoft Access works in disable mode to access non-trusted databases. Plus in disable mode it is hard to access executable content, which ultimately results in this error

How To Fix Action Failed Error Number 2950 Manually???

As far my research and understanding, there are only two methods through which you can fix this fatal error “Action Failed Error Number 2950″

Enabling The MS Access Database Only For Current Session

With this method, you can only use the database for the current session. The session will automatically close down when you click on the close command.
a) Click on “Options” in the message bar
b) As soon as you would click on “Options” MS Office Security options dialogue box will pop up. Now here, you choose and allow the “Enable This Content Option”
c) Now Click “OK”

error Microsoft Access Database Error 2950
Moving Un-trusted Data To Trusted Location

First locate the trusted location in your system and to locate this location follow these mentioned steps:

  • Launch MS Access
  • Click on MS Office button
  • Now select Access options
  • Click on Trust Center and then go to Trust Center settings
  • Now click on the Trusted location and follow the mentioned steps
  • After completing these steps you can now move your data to the trusted location
  • After specifying and transferring your database to a trusted location, now you can open up your files without any glitches.
error Microsoft Access Database Error 2950

So this is how you can fix this error “Microsoft Access Database Error 2950” manually and Free.

But there is one small problem, which some of the users do face and that is sometimes even these manual techniques don’t work. The major reason for this is because of corruption. If your database is corrupted then these steps would never going to work.

How To Fix Action Failed Error Number 2950, If Manual Techniques Doesn’t Work

If the manual techniques doesn’t work then the only solution that is left is to use a MS Access Recovery Tool.

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Without this, it would be quite hard to fix or repair these type of errors. But with the help of this tool, you can easily repair, recover and fix this errors plus can also recover corrupt MS Access files. Not only this, this tool supports recovery of highly corrupted MDB and ACCDB files with OLE, MEMO and BLOB data.

Bottom Line

Every database and technology known or unknown, is following certain principles and commands to make our life easy. Behind the wall of complex coding and sophisticated designs there is an algorithm which allows it to work smoothly. But sometimes, even these algorithms and coding can’t protect it from malfunctioning. If you are a pro. or have a sound technical knowledge, then there are chances that you might be able to resolve it. But that is not the case with every user. That is why, with manual techniques I always suggest a recovery tool too.
A recovery tool which is easy to use and simple to understand and effective in every sense.

If you have some technical knowledge then always go for the manual techniques because they are free. But if you are a novice or have tried manual mechanism and it didn’t work then the recovery tool is going to be your cup of tea.

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